Ten Questions For Liz Davinci

Ten Questions For Liz Davinci

Hailing from California and currently residing in Munich, Germany, Liz Davinci is a musician and pianist renowned for her hauntingly beautiful vocal style, often drawing comparisons to the iconic Kate Bush. With classical piano training as her foundation, Liz embarked on her musical journey with her debut album "Obstruction Destruction" in 2017, steadily delving deeper into her creative imagination and intuition to craft distinctive and expressive compositions.

1. Where are you from? What is your background?

I was born and raised in California and studied music in San Diego after many years of piano lessons. Later I moved to The Netherlands to study at the music conservatory there with the composer Louis Andriessen.

2. What inspired you to become a musician?

Music has always drawn me in more than any other thing because I feel I can express myself best in music and I feel good when I am making music, no matter what is going on in my life.

3. What was the first song you remember hearing as a child?

I remember my Mom singing “Cat’s in the Cradle” to me when I was really little and I had an ear infection. She was holding me and it made me feel better.

4. What performer or artist/writer inspires you the most?

Many people inspire me but I will go with Ludwig van Beethoven as my biggest inspiration.

5. What methods of recording do you use?

I use a high-quality audio interface and very standard quality microphones, pianos, guitar, bass guitar and/or drums.  I go back and forth between more “studio” type recording and live, solo recording depending on the project.

6. Do you think your environment, where you live, has an effect on type of art you create?

Where I live has an immense impact on my art. I love living in Europe because of the diverse architecture and scenery and this makes up much of my video work. The lifestyle is very different than my lifestyle was in California, which brings me more into contact with people. I always talk to strangers wherever I go, as I feel now totally comfortable in this culture. Surprisingly though, even having lived here for years, a part of me always feels on holiday.

7. What long term goals do you have?

I believe my ultimate goal is to create a high-quality Gesamtkunstwerk, which I envision as a sort of artistic movie, with music and text.

8. What do you think the popular culture will be like in ten years?

I think the perfectionism that AI has enabled in art, music, film and the like will become less enjoyed by the masses. I believe that people might move away from smartphones and the internet and will get into “old-fashioned” arts such as learning an instrument, painting a picture or making pottery. Local scenes would then likely develop.

9. What other things would you like to explore as a musician?

I would just like to encourage anyone who has thoughts about starting to learn or play guitar or wants to make a painting, just as examples, to do it even if you have very little time and feel you will never progress. When I had very little time, even 5 minutes a day at the piano became the basis and discipline for my monsoon of songs and musical enjoyment that followed.

10. What projects are you working on now?

I am finishing up an 11-track solo album and a music video that I plan to release in March or April. This is my first 100% solo album and I am happy with how it is turning out.