Tales from the Ninth Tower

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Tales From the Ninth Tower, hosted by Lothar Tuppan, celebrates the art of oral storytelling. In today’s world, where most forms of entertainment are owned and protected, traditional tales stand out as a unique cultural legacy that belongs to all of us. These tales, passed down from generation to generation, are the true “public domain” repository of stories that can’t be owned by anyone.

Through the podcast, Tuppan aims to give listeners an experience that is similar to the age-old tradition of listening to a storyteller around a fire, or at a storytelling swap. The show features a variety of stories from different cultures and traditions, including myths, legends, fables, and folktales. These stories are told by Tuppan in his engaging and captivating style, transporting listeners to different worlds and times.

In each episode, Tuppan introduces a new story and takes the listener on a journey that is both entertaining and educational. Whether it’s a story about a clever trickster, a heroic warrior, or a wise old sage, each tale has its own unique message and meaning. The storytelling is enhanced by sound effects, music, and other immersive elements that help to bring the stories to life.

Tales From the Ninth Tower celebrates the power of storytelling and reminds us of the importance of our cultural heritage. Through Tuppan’s storytelling and the timeless tales he shares, listeners can experience something that is truly timeless.