Twisted Pulp Magazine

  • Twisted Pulp Magazine Issue 030

The best, or worst, magazine you’ve ever seen!

Ever been looking for something to read and wondered where all the great pulp and kitsch magazines of the days of yore have gone? Looking for comics like Eerie, Heavy Metal, and The Haunt of Fear, or maybe humor magazines like Mad, Cracked and CARtoons? Maybe you’re looking for pulp periodicals like Argosy, Amazing Stories, and Weird Tales or satirical publications like National Lampoon and The Onion.

It turns out that you are in luck, because that is what Twisted Pulp Magazine is. Which you ask? “All of the above” I say! Twisted Pulp Magazine is the frontline of the fun and great content that we create. It’s the perfect place to get samples and info on all the art and stories we help to create.

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Pages72-80 Pages
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