Twisted Pulp Magazine Issue #3


Twisted Pulp Magazine returns with yet another slew of pulp and satire soup to shock, arouse, and delight.

This issue brings you more from Mark Slade and Lothar Tuppan and adds in stories from Laura TIlly Moss, O.C. Dee, Amber Williamson, Brenda S. Tolian, and Kate Rakestraw. Add to that a sprinkle of weirdness and interviews with Rob Lowe (not that Rob Lowe), Lucy Hall, and Bee Hyland. The issue also features artwork by Thomas Malafarina and Amanda Turco, as well as a special interview with horror actor and author, Peter Atkins.

Twisted Pulp Issue 3

What’s inside


The Awesome Art of Amanda Turco

Featured Artist Amanda Turco

Cover Art

By Amanda Turco

Struck a Nerve: Chapter 2

By Lothar J. Tuppan


By Laura Tilly Moss


By Amber Williamson

Snake Man

By Brenda S. Tolian

10 Questions for Peter Atkins


The Funeral

By Kate Rakestraw


By Mark Slade and Thomas M. Malafarina

Crossed Wires

By Mark Slade and Amanda Turco

Videodrome Review

By Lucy Hall


By O.C. Dee

Evelina Giles

By Bee Hyland and Mark Slade

The Swinging Smiths

By Rob Lowe (not that Rob Lowe)