Twisted Pulp Magazine Issue 023

Welcome to Noir-vember! (see what we did there?) It’s the return of everyone’s favorite pulp magazine featuring interviews, articles, art, pinups and all that jazz. Do you miss the era of mystery and suspense, dark grainy footage, and slick names for even slicker detectives? Do you miss vintage magazines and the media of yesteryear? Do you self-identify as a person who drank from a hose as a kid for some reason? … scratch that … Well, if you identify with several of these things then the magazine for you is Twisted Pulp Magazine! This month’s issue features interviews with The Long Seventies podcast and Craig Douglas of Close To The Bone. Plus, we got articles from Amanda Devine, Rita Lazarus and Kenneth Gallant, stories from Andy Rausch and Mark Slade, and art from Lavender Dragonfarm and Brackett. Sprinkle on a dark dose of dolls and dames like Lady Jane Devine, Cherry Zette, Katiya Rose, and Rising Phoenix and you got yourself a conspicuous cavalcade of considerable camp!