Twisted Pulp Magazine Issue 034-1

Twisted Pulp Magazine Issue 034

Spring has sprung, my little nyphos, necros, and dude dads. Know what else has sprung? wink. That’s right! Another torrid tethering of tales, tributes, and thinkpieces from the best dang magazine in the greater ghetto area, Twisted Pulp Magazine! This bicurious, bimonthly bestiary of ballads and bios features interviews with Tyson Blue, Dr. Stephen Edred Flowers, Amanda Durante, and more! Toss on top articles about weird westerns and a few twisted horror tales, and you got yourself one hell of a Sunday read. So don’t miss out! Read yourself some Twisted Pulp magazine, and you will never be lonely again!!!! ‘er something…


  1. Editorial: Eisenhower Matrix and Creativity?
  2. Interview with Tyson Blue
  3. Advertisement: Madame Cruller’s Couch and Other Dark and Bizarre Tales by Elizabeth Massie
  4. Smoke ‘em, If You Got ‘em! By Mark Slade
  5. Monster Kids Rejoice!: A Review of Gothick Meditations at Midnight
  6. Advertisement: Booked on Rock
  7. Ten questions for Dr. Stephen Edred Flowers
  8. Interview with Amanda Durante
  9. Advertisement: Unfit to Print by G. Wayne Miller
  10. A Review of Less than Human By Gary Raisor
  11. Advertisement: Horrible Little Stories
  12. Vulpine Vamps
  13. Advertisement: Sharp Turns by Jason Norton
  14. Interview with Paul Lidel By Lucy Hall
  15. Advertisement: Mutual Audio Network
  16. Old Man Vs. Machine
  17. The Forest God Parts 5-8 By Rex Mundy
  18. The Buttonface Bewilderment
  19. This May is Weird Western Month at Screaming Eye Press!!!
  20. 5 Tips for Writing a Horror Weird Western
  21. Advertisement: Vampirology – A Bloody Book of Vampire Tales
  22. Interview with Brennan LaFaro

Horrible Little Stories
Advertisement Sharp Turns by Jason Norton
Mutual Audio Network
Old Man vs. Machine Cartoon
The Buttonface Bewilderment 034
Vampirology Full Page Ad