Twisted Pulp Magazine Issue 030

It’s Mother’s Day Month! And what says Mother’s Day like a pulp magazine with a lean toward cryptids? Brunch and mamosas? Yeah, that sounds good too.

But just think, in this month’s neo-pulp trash rag we have interviews with horror author Gary Raisor, cartoonist Colin Upton and Thomas Marcum, the founder of the crypto crew! Add to that some spooky anomalous zoology fiction, and an interesting insight into the bits and peices of bat monsters. Fill that out with the standard fare of articles from Wesley Critchfield and Jessica Ann Catena, slather on some pinups and performers and you got yourself one H-E-double-hocky-sticks of a Monday night read! …after you come down from brunch and mamosas that is.


Twisted Pulp Magazine returns bringing along with it the tales of the riff-raff and sad dreams of the hoi polloi that you expect from this peculiar pile of paper. Tired of all that refined writing with stupid ideas, agendas, and messages? Are you looking for a glass of fiction-OJ with a decent amount of pulp? This month’s offering to the alter of the retro B-list includes interviews with The Imbalanced History of Rock and Roll and the United States of Murder Podcast. We got the fiction you need from Lothar Tuppan, Mark Slade, and Gavin Chappell! Weave in articles on rock and horror, creepy cartoons, some darlin’ dames in their dainty thangs, and you have yet another awesome example of what a magazine should be.