Remembering Sorcery Drummer Perry Morris

Remembering Sorcery Drummer and Cult Icon, The Remarkable Perry Morris

By Lucy Hall

Fans of hard rock music and cult films along with fans of just plain good music were in mourning this year when music icon Perry Morris succumbed to cancer in March. Perry was the famed drummer of the theatrical rock group Sorcery

The L.A. based band formed in the ‘70s and continued their musical career into the ‘80s. They were known for their sold-out elaborate stage shows which incorporated Sorcery’s music with the use of two dueling magicians the King of the Wizards versus the Prince of Darkness.

Sorcery’s fantasy-themed act featured remarkable special effects, pyrotechnics, and dangerous stunts which took theatrical rock to a whole new level and continues today to be unsurpassed.

Show business is tough, and few hard rock acts have been able to parlay their skills to include film and television yet Sorcery did so successfully.

After appearing on a Dick Clark Halloween television special in 1982 they were a hit and asked back to appear again on the following year’s special.

Sorcery Drummer Perry Morris

In the 1978 reality-based fantasy film, Stunt Rock, Sorcery starred alongside stuntman Grant Page and provided the soundtrack. The film showcases Grant’s daredevil stunts and Sorcery’s amazing music and theatrics.

In 1984 once again Sorcery starred in a feature film when they portrayed the fictional rock band Headmistress in the rock horror, Rocktober Blood. In recent years Sorcery has had songs on Knock Knock (2015) and Death Wish (2018) film soundtracks.

In addition to his work with Sorcery, Perry was a session drummer who played with many artists in the 70s and 80s’ and was an in-house musician at Universal Studios. He was an AFTRA, SAG, and Local 47 Musicians Union member.

Morris had a background in business and he put those skills to use by booking performances, securing management, booking the Dick Clark Specials and landing the movie deal for Rocktober Blood.

Although Sorcery disbanded in 1987, projects and promotions continued thanks in large part to Perry Morris’ commitment to the band’s work.

It absolutely broke my heart to get the news of the passing of one of my greatest rock heroes. Rock Music lost the great Perry Morris, who has forever left a mark on not only music but cult movie history. He was not only a brilliant drummer but also such a kind, honest, and open person. I have met and spoke with a few celebrities who appear to go through the motions and not really care much for their work. This is part of the reason why these individuals are often forgotten. But this was not Perry. He was very passionate about his work and proud of it. For this, in addition to his unmistakable sound and talent, he will be forever remembered and sorely missed. Thank you, Perry, for inspiring and enriching our lives with your music. My prayers go out to Perry’s wife Deb and his Family.

Perry Morris

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