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A girl with a passion for sideshow simply looking to distract people from reality for a little while. Sometimes I’m cute, sometimes I’m sultry, sometimes I’m wild, but I’m always happy to have you along for the ride!

10 Questions for Roxie Cage

What inspired you to become a sideshow performer?

I can’t pinpoint one specific event or moment when I decided the sideshow oddity life was for me. I’ve always been a bit odd and instead of resisting it, I chose to embrace it. I started with the art of sword swallowing, which I’m still working on. On that journey, I came across a community of like-minded individuals through a course called Oddity U created by sideshow legend Harley Newman. He takes on a lucky group of students and helps them learn the history of sideshow acts and performers, dangerous stunts, and respect for the fading art of sideshows and their respective community. Taking his course is what sparked my journey into the professional sideshow abyss.

Tell everyone about your YouTube channel.

I run a channel on YouTube where I post some new stunts, examples of shows I’ve participated in, and things I’m working on. I’m trying to educate folks online spreading the beauty behind the mysterious world of sideshows. I’ve been working with a graduate of Oddity U who runs a company called Asylum Aspire and is working on creating replica Posey straitjackets, I post all of those escapes on my channel. I’ve tested those jackets and they are exquisite quality with straps, seams, buckles, and canvas to go crazy for.

Roxie Cage

Have you ever been afraid you’ll get hurt and decided not to try something for your performance?

In all honesty the first time I attempt any stunt I’m worried, but I have had guidance from sideshow greats like Harley Newman and FenyxFyre. They put my mind at ease. In Oddity U one of the first things you learn is what can go wrong, and what to do when something does go wrong. Smashing a cinderblock on your stomach while laying on a bed of 1000s of spiral roofing nails can go wrong in many ways, chopping produce on your body with machetes can go very wrong, and hammering objects through your sinuses is also not something to take lightly. Preparation is key to any stunt and backing down without making an attempt to conquer that fear is not an option in my mind.

You are also a model and have your own Patreon. Which do you prefer as an artist, modeling, or Oddity performer?

I prefer performing, I have a Patreon where I post my more sexualized content. I love trying things like human block heading or laying on a nail bed with risqué outfits. I use the donations from my patrons to reinvest in props, costumes, and other necessities for upcoming performances.

Do you think your environment, where you live, has an effect on the type of art you create?

Not at all, my imagination roams quite free even during the current lockdown, in fact, it’s given me ample time to workshop new ideas.

Is it easier for you to create if given an assignment or does it get in the way of your creativity?

Depends on the project, things like photoshoots are easier when given directions for poses or locations to convey the mood we’re trying to exude. While arranging a performance, it’s easier to go with my gut on the direction of the act because the live performance will always have different variables.

Roxie Cage

You also create characters for your work. Have you thought of creating those characters for a book or video series?

I don’t have any original characters. I do the occasional cosplay on my Instagram just for fun.

What act or photoshoot are you most proud of?

My favorite photos and work vary from day-to-day. I love any image I’m block heading in, it’s my favorite stunt because it was the first one I actually accomplished solo. I was at home trying and trying until it clicked, from there I’ve used many other objects and I plan to use many more.

You take requests for your photos. What is the oddest thing anyone has asked you to create for those photos or the strangest thing you ever performed for your act?

Probably because of my escape videos, I tend to get requests relating to bondage fetishes, nothing too crazy but one request was for an hour-long video of me wearing a straitjacket and struggling to escape but never actually escaping. As for the strangest thing I have performed, I’d have to say it was my Chucky photoshoot based on the doll from Child’s Play. It ended up being my most polarizing set, some people found it creepy, others thought it was strangely arousing.

What projects are you working on now?

I’m hoping to do something with FenyxFyre soon, the details are TBA. I have some fun horror photoshoots planned and new escapes on the table. A new straitjacket from Asylum Aspire, and a new outfit with some ideas I hope I’ll be able to bring to life.

Roxie Cage

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