Screaming Eye Press Presents: The Podcast – 2023-12-23

Are you looking to take your Christmas experience to the next level! … Hell, I’m not even sure what that means, but I do know that there’s a healthy dose of Christmas jams and some exciting introductions to some great pulpy short stories. Not everyone likes Christmas the way I like it, but if you like it as a healthy mix of candy, nostalgia and presents, with a healthy sprinkling of ghost stories, horror and rock n’ roll, this might just be the episode for you. And if all that sounds terrible … Shoot me a message cuz I’m truly interested in what curse and winding road through the dark web lead you to our doorstep this Christmas.

Links and Stuff Discussed

Terry and Chauncey
Terry and Chauncey in easier times when she had black hair and I had hair at all.
It Came Upon A Midnight Clear By Thomas M. Malafarina
Between The Lights by E.F. Benson
Christmas Re-union by Sir Andrew Caldecott
Twisted Pulp Radio Hour
Twisted Pulp Magazine Issue 032-01

Christmas Playlist

  • Father Christmas by The Kinks
  • Holiday Road by Lindsey Buckingham
  • Merry Christmas (I dont Wanna Fight Tonight) by The Ramones
  • Christmas at Ground Zero by Weird Al Yankovic
  • Blue Christmas by The Misfits
  • There Ain’t no Sanity Clause by The Damned
  • What a Wonderful World by Joey Ramone
  • Lonely Christmas by Sloppy Seconds
  • Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home) by U2
  • Everything’s Gonna be Cool this Christmas by Eels
  • God Rock you Steady Gentleman by The Toasters
  • Christmas, Christmas by Mojo Nixon
  • Christmas with the Devil by Spinal Tap
  • Don’t Believe in Christmas by The Sonics
  • Frosty the Snowman by Man or Astro-man?
  • Little Star of Bethlehem by CAN