Vulpine Vamps: Witch Spells, Thorns and Thistles

“Witch Spells: Thorns and Thistles” is a bewitching pictorial that beckons you into the enchanting world of Halloween-themed pinup artistry. This captivating collection, featuring alluring pinup girls, is an exquisite visual treat for those who revel in the mystique of the spooky season. Every frame captured within its pages is by Virginia Scudder, whose lens has skillfully brought these sirens to life.


Within you’ll find a spellbinding array of pinup muses, each donning bewitching costumes and embodying the spirit of Halloween. But “Witch Spells: Thorns and Thistles” is more than just an homage to the aesthetics of Halloween. It’s a book with a heart, as a part of proceeds from its sale are dedicated to supporting the North Fork Country Kids, a Not-For-Profit, Volunteer-Only organization nestled in the North Fork of Long Island, New York. Comprising a diverse group of educators, students, activists, long-time rescuers, and local residents, their collective mission is to safeguard and nurture the feral cat population through the practice of TNR (trap, neuter, return).

North Fork Country KidsIn addition to their TNR efforts, the North Fork Country Kids are dedicated to the rehabilitation of cats and extend their helping hands to dogs in need of rehoming. They promptly respond to calls for assistance, embodying the spirit of compassion and kindness towards our furry friends in need.

So, immerse yourself in the alluring and mysterious world of “Witch Spells: Thorns and Thistles” and support a cause that warms the heart as it captures the imagination. With every turn of the page, you’ll not only be bewitched by the pinup magic but also contribute to the welfare of animals in need. This book is a blend of art, charity, and Halloween spirit that will cast a spell on you.

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