Rat and Miriam

Story By Mark Slade Art By Amanda Turco(Dedicated To David Drake) “I see those dog-faced assholes now,” Miriam screamed as he looked through the periscope and shifted into fifth gear. The tank kicked up a cloud of dust, burying the skeletal dune buggy baring down on it quickly. The desert sun was high in the […]

10 Questions for Tony Isabella

Tony Isabella is an American comic book writer, editor, actor, artist, and critic, known as the creator and writer of Marvel Comics’ Black Goliath; DC Comics’ first major African-American superhero, Black Lightning; and as a columnist and critic for the Comics Buyer’s Guide. How did you get started in comics? I had learned to read […]

Home Sweet Home: A Thanksgiving Horror Film Festival of One PT5

A group of gross 70s bros and attractive 80s chicks rent a cabin for Thanksgiving and are attacked by the worlds buffest mental patient.

Spooky Susie Interview

We interview the cute, classy and creepy, Spookie Susie, a pin-up model and veterinary nurse from Atlanta, Georgia.