Editorial The Show Must Go On

Editorial: The Show Must Go On

A little bit of housekeeping. I, your humble publisher, have gone through my cancer surgeries and am now going through chemo… yeah yeah so sad. During the time that we were on hiatus due to my condition, many more projects and many more people have come into our little Screaming Eye sphere. As such, Twisted Pulp Magazine will be moving to bimonthly, the bimonthly that comes out every other month, not the bimonthly that comes out twice a month. The main reason for doing this is because we have books racking up in the background that just aren’t making it to publication and aren’t getting the push they deserve. So expect a lot more books to be coming out during the off months.

That being said, we’d love to bring you more and are always working too. If you are interested in volunteering to edit, write and otherwise work on Twisted Pulp Magazine… Well, we double dog dare ya to reach out to us at ScreamingEyePress.com.