Space Girl by Thomas Malafarina

Space Girl

By Thomas M. Malafarina


The high school cafeteria was buzzing with excitement on Monday. The 1956 championship football game between the Johnsonville Spartans and the South Clarion Blue Devils was scheduled for the following Saturday night. The two schools had been rivals for as long as anyone could remember, and the excitement was palpable. Students, faculty, and staff planned to attend a pep rally in the gym after lunch that Friday.

Friday night, a special sock hop was scheduled with Mr. Edwards, the science teacher spinning records on his hi-fi turntable system. He was everyone’s favorite because he had albums from all the greats, like Bill Haley and the Comets, The Four Aces, Pat Boone, The Chordettes, and The Platters. The word on the street was Mr. Edwards even had the debut album by a singer from Mississippi named Elvis Presley. His single “Jailhouse Rock” was being played everywhere, and people were saying he might someday even be bigger than Tennessee Ernie Ford.

The sock hop had the potential to be one of the school’s finest events of the year. Unfortunately, the rumor was that the old maid, Miss Wilson, the Social Studies teacher, would be chaperoning. That meant no spiking the punch bowl, and only a few absolute best make-out spots would remain safe from her ancient evil eye.

Almost every table in the cafeteria that day was packed with chatting and laughing students talking about how incredible it would be if the Spartans won and took the state championship. It would be something that would become Johnsonville legend for decades to come. But not everyone was excited about the upcoming event.

In a secluded corner in the back of the cafeteria, a lone figure dressed in shabby, soiled clothing sat reading the February 1955 issue of EC comics Weird Science-Fantasy #27, with artwork by Wally Wood. The loner’s name is Billy Enders, and the comic book was almost a year old, tattered, with most of the ads removed except for the Charles Atlas advertisement entitled “The Insult That Turned A Chump Into A Champ.” 

It featured the typical 98-pound weakling being shown up at the county fair by a muscle-bound moron who could swing the heavy mallet, ring the bell and win a prize. The weakling’s ditsy girlfriend tells him to be a man and then dumps him. Of course, the weakling buys Charles Atlas’s dynamic tension course to eventually become an even bigger muscle-bound idiot. Ultimately, he punches the bully in the face and wins back the brain-dead girlfriend. Billy figured the couple would eventually marry and live in a run-down mobile home with a dozen of their muscle-bound, equally stupid children.

Billy didn’t like this ad very much. It was different than the one he usually saw called “The Insult That Made A Man Out of Mac.” That one was more well-known, and although it was essentially the same theme, it took place at the beach with the muscle-bound bully kicking sand in the weakling’s face. The result was the same; Charles Atlas, dynamic tension, big muscles, punch in the face, dopy girlfriend, yadda, yadda, yadda.

The truth was Billy didn’t care about the ads anyway or the fact that the magazine was almost a year old. He had no money to buy anything advertised, even if the ads were still there. Billy couldn’t even afford the ten cents to buy the comic book he was reading. He had found it on the sidewalk next to a trash can, and although it was torn and soiled, Billy felt like he was holding something sacred.

To say Billy Enders’s family was poor was an understatement. It would be considered a substantial economic advancement if Billy’s family could move up to the poor side of town. His clothing came from the second-hand store, and he suspected most of the stuff he wore might have been fourth or fifth-hand, like the battered comic book he was reading.

That condition of the comic didn’t matter to Billy as long as he could see the action, adventure, and those incredible-looking babes Wally Wood drew. Billy had no idea how Wally Wood got away with publishing the buxom, curvaceous women he depicted in his cartoons, but every teenage boy with raging hormones was grateful for Mr. Woods’s skills with pen and ink.

Billy had spent many private moments in the bathroom with his imagination and Wally Wood’s drawings. He heard some older boys refer to these illustrations as “whacking material,” and he had to admit, he agreed wholeheartedly. Billy especially liked when comics featured incredibly well-proportioned young ladies depicted as space aliens. He often fantasized about meeting a hot-to-trot babe from another world. As far as Billy was concerned, any beautiful space chicks that wanted to have their way with him, well, that was fine with him. In fact, it would be his duty as a red-blooded healthy American male to accommodate them. He chuckled to himself.

Unfortunately, there were no space girls in real life. Billy figured if there were space girls, they would probably ignore him, just like those popular cheerleaders and snotty rich girls who wouldn’t spit on Billy if he were on fire. He was sure his reputation as a social misfit loser was known all over the galaxy. That was just his sort of luck. But little did William J. Enders know that his luck and life were about to change drastically.


“Is this seat taken? May I join you?” A soft female voice said from across the table.

Billy looked up, appearing at first a bit angry, and was about to tell whoever it was to leave him alone. But what he saw left him a speechless, blithering idiot incapable of forming even the shortest sentence. He sat mouth agape, eyes bugging out of his skull, staring at a sight he couldn’t believe. It was a girl, a young woman, and for some bizarre reason, not only was she speaking to him, but she was asking if she could sit with him.

“W… waaa… what did you say?” Billy managed to squeak out.

“I asked if anyone was sitting here and, if not, was ok for me to do so.”

“You… you… want to sit… with me?” He said again in amazement. The girl was pretty, not movie star gorgeous like Marilyn Monroe or Jane Mansfield, but far more attractive than any girl who had ever paid the slightest attention to him. She had long dark brown hair pulled back in a ponytail, with a wide headband holding everything in place. She wore red lipstick, eye shadow, and a pair of dangling earrings that seemed a bit too modern for 1956 Johnsonville High. As if that wasn’t unusual enough, she wore a sleeveless turtle-neck sweater and tight-knit pants, which no girl ever did in his school. Most of the girls wore poodle skirts and Bobbie socks. Around her neck hung a gold chain with a large exotic blue stone. She was a sight to behold, and the vision left Billy’s mouth dry.

“Yes, if you don’t mind.” She replied, “My name is Cindy, Cindy Jones. What’s yours?”

Billy struggled to form the words, “Me? Ah… I’m Billy, Billy… um… Enders.”

“Well, Billy Umenders, it’s nice to meet you.” She stood with her hand outstretched, waiting for him to shake it.

“No, sorry. It’s just Billy Enders. Not Umenders.”

“Yeah, well, I sorta figured that already.”

Billy reached out his arm with an obviously sweaty palm in a feeble attempt to shake hands with the lovely girl. When their fingers touched, a strange, almost electric current shot through his skin and traveled up his arm and into his brain, then right down to that magical area between his legs. It wasn’t bad, like when he accidentally touched the electric fence at the farm not far from his house, but this was a good feeling, perhaps one of the best feelings he had ever experienced. 

He wanted to ask her to sit, but his words were again stuck in his throat. Fortunately, Cindy took the initiative and sat down right next to him. When she did, their knees touched, and Billy could feel those almost electric vibrations even through their clothing. He was afraid he would lose control of himself, like when he was in his early teens and woke up with a mess after a particularly erotic dream. But somehow, he managed to hold on. 

“So Billy. What’s all the excitement going on around here?”

Billy struggled to regain control of his senses and said, “That? Oh, I don’t know. Some sort of big football game this weekend. A championship thing or something like that.”

“Football doesn’t interest you, Billy?” She asked.

“Me? No, not at all. I’m not part of that scene, you know? I just sort of go my own way.”

“Ah, a lone wolf.” She said and winked at him. That wink sent another series of vibrations throughout his body, and Billy felt for the first time that he might actually be falling head-over-heels in love with this strange girl he had just met. Was that even possible? He didn’t know or understand what was happening, but he didn’t want it to end.”

Billy asked, “Are you new here at school? I don’t think I ever saw you around before.”

She said, “Well, sort of. I’m here to test the waters and see if this is the right place for me to teach.”

Billy was stunned yet again. “Did you say teach? You mean you’re not a new student here?”

“Well, aren’t you just full of kind compliments, Billy Enders?”

“No, Ma’am. I mean Cindy, I… I mean, Miss Jones, Ma’am. I honestly thought you were a new kid. I’m so sorry.”

There’s no need to be sorry, Billy. I’m flattered. And listen, Billy. You only have to call me Miss Jones in front of the other students and teachers. When we’re alone together, you can call me Cindy. By the way, Billy, I can tell already that you and I are going to become very special, very close friends, and we’ll be spending a lot of alone time together.”

“You do? We will?” Billy asked both confused yet aroused by the direction the conversation was taking. Then Cindy laid her hand on the top of his leg under the table, her fingers coming dangerously close to his inner thigh and crotch. 

He struggled to think of anything to get rid of the pup tent that had formed in his pants but to no avail. Billy suspected he’d be late for his next class, waiting for the trouser monster to disappear, or he would have to walk to class with his books strategically placed to hide his bulge.

More importantly, Billy knew from that moment on that his nocturnal fantasies would have a new leading lady resembling Miss Cindy Jones. Time to say goodbye to Wally Wood’s sexy space girls and make room in his dreams for Cindy. He knew it was probably weird and maybe a bit wrong for a school teacher to be so overtly friendly with a student, but he didn’t care. Cindy was hotter than the best-looking girls in his school and wanted to become close to him, which was all that mattered.


“Hey, beautiful. Where have you been all my life?” An oily voice said from across the table.

Billy and Cindy looked up to see Brad Parker, captain of the football team and all-around egotistical moron standing bent over with his palms on the table, flexing his overly-developed muscles and eye-balling Cindy like he was at an all-you-can-eat buffet, and she was apple pie.

Cindy turned to Billy and said, “Well, isn’t that special, Billy? This gentleman just asked you a question.”

Brad to a step back and insisted, “Woah! Wait a minute, here. I wasn’t talking to that greasy little circus geek. I was talking to you, sweet cheeks.”

“The name’s not Sweeet Cheeks; it’s Miss Jones, as in Miss Jones, your substitute teacher. I don’t know who you are, but hey, I’m not one to judge. If you think Billy is beautiful, that’s ok with me. Although, to be honest, I don’t believe Billy’s gate swings in the same direction as yours; he’s obviously all man.”

As funny as this was, Billy couldn’t show any signs that he was enjoying this interaction, or Brad and his jock buddies would destroy him. He suddenly wished she would lay off the insults before Brad decided to pound him just for witnessing the jerk jock being put in his place. Yet she continued the barrage of insults. 

“I can see by your letter sweater that you must be some hot-shot football star around here. Am I right?”

Brad recovered enough composure to boast, “That’s right, honey. I’m captain of the football team, and I plan to be the MVP of the championship game this Saturday. That means Most Valuable Player. So yeah, you could say I’m a hot-shot football star.”

“I’ll just bet you really love getting naked and showering with all those big and burly teammates of yours. I’ll bet you stand there waiting for someone to drop the soap. Or do you prefer it when you and your buddies snap towels at each other?”

Brad’s face turned red, then a terrifying shade of purple, as his bulging eyes switched from Cindy to Billy. They seemed afire with hatred, and Billy knew he would get the crap beat out of him once Brad got him alone. Billy caught Cindy’s eye and slowly shook his head, doing his best to silently tell her she had gone too far and he was going to pay for it. Cindy simply smiled her angelic smile and winked at him.

Then Cindy reached over and touched Brad’s hand. When she did, Brad became as still as a statue, petrified and unable to move. His face bore a look of complete surprise, utter confusion, and, finally, wore a vacant stare. 

Cindy said in a soft, melodic, and hypnotic voice, “Now you listen to me, Mr. Football hero. My friend, Billy, is completely off-limits to you. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Miss Jones, I understand.” He replied in a monotone, distant voice as he stared sightlessly into space. 

She said, “If you or any of your friends even consider hurting Billy Enders, you will embarrass yourselves in a manner most degrading. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, Miss Jones.” He replied. 

Cindy pulled her hand away, and after a beat, Brad shook his head involuntarily, clearing the cobwebs from his mind. Then he recalled how the teacher had insulted him and his teammates by questioning their masculinity. He turned to Billy, again redirecting all his anger at the boy. He might not be able to touch this big-mouth teacher, but he could take his fury and frustration out on her slimy boyfriend.

He pointed his finger at Billy and growled, “I’ll be looking for you after school, Enders, and when I do, I’m going to make you pay for what your pretty little girlfriend here said to me. I’m gonna hurt you so…”

But Brad couldn’t finish his sentence. He stood, with his mouth agape, looking down at the front of his pants which had suddenly become darker and wet. A strong smell of urine filled the air. The cafeteria was thrust into silence. Several nearby students had heard him shouting at Billy and now saw his shame. Within a few seconds, the whispering grapevine had spread the news around the entire cafeteria at a speed somewhere north of the speed of light. After all, it wasn’t every day that the biggest and most popular football hero wet his pants in the cafeteria, at lunch, no less.

Brad stood dumbfounded, then humiliated. A moment later, he turned and fled the cafeteria, fighting back the tears of shame, leaving a trail of golden droplets in his wake.


“There. That should take care of that.” Cindy said as she wiped her hands together as if brushing off dirt.

Billy was shocked and said, “But… but how did you… what did you do to him?”

“Don’t worry about that, Billy. Just know that he won’t bother you anymore unless he wants to make a habit of soiling himself in public on a regular basis. So Billy, how did you like it when he called me your girlfriend? I loved it and thought it was really sexy. How about you?”

Billy’s face blushed bright pink when he said, “I liked it. I liked it a lot. But you’re a teacher, maybe only a few years older than me, but still a teacher. Ain’t there some rule that says you can date a student or something like that?”

“Oh yes, Billy. There most definitely is. So if you really want me to be your girlfriend, we’ll have to play it cool here during the day, and we’ll have to sneak around after school. As a teacher, I will be happy to show you many intimate things you probably never imagined. Would you like that, Billy?”

When she said that, the blue jewel hanging around her neck began to glow brightly, catching Billy’s attention. However, as his eyes turned toward the pendant, he focused on Cindy’s breasts. He had never seen anything so firm and round anywhere but in the pages of magazines. To be so close in real life was beyond his wildest dreams. 

He replied, “Oh yes, Cindy. I would like that very much.”

“Well, Billy. Do you know where the bandstand is back behind the gym?”

“Yes, I know where that is.”

“After school, miss the bus, then take a slow walk over to the bandstand and wait by the road running behind it. Do you know where I mean?”

“Yep. I know the place.”

She smiled, winked at him, then said, “Excellent, Billy. If you wait there for a few minutes, I’ll drive by and pick you up. I’ll be driving a brand new red and white Chevy Bel Air. I bought it as a college graduation present for myself. You’ll love it. It has a lot of room in the back seat, and I plan on us spending a lot of time back there.” She winked at him again, licked her red lips seductively, then got up to leave. As she walked away swinging her round backside, Billy noticed that every boy in the cafeteria was watching that magnificent specimen in action. However, if his luck held out, he would be the only one in the school to see it in the flesh.

Billy couldn’t believe his good fortune. It was beyond his comprehension. Not only did he get to meet the girl of his dreams, and she liked him, but she had practically told him they would do “the deed” that night after school. But maybe he had imagined that part. Perhaps his raging testosterone-driven mind had made more out of this than Cindy had meant for him to understand.

After all, he was just some nobody, a shabby kid from the poorer side of the poor side of town with nothing to offer such a gorgeous woman. Yet she had come on to him; he was certain of it. Billy supposed he would have to wait until the end of the day and see what happened. If he stood behind the bandstand and she never showed up, he would know it was the butt of yet another mean joke. It wouldn’t be the first time, and it likely wouldn’t be the last. But Billy didn’t believe it was a joke this time.


That night after school, Billy did his best to sneak out to the bandstand without anyone seeing him. At least he didn’t think anyone had seen him. But he was mistaken. As he waited by the road for Cindy to arrive, he heard boisterous laughter and jeering coming from around the side of the bandstand.

A moment later, Brad Parker and three teammates came strutting across the grass toward him. Billy could tell by their overconfident swagger that they were there for one reason; to beat him to a bloody pulp.

“Hey there, Billy boy.” Brad said, “I bet you thought I forgot about you didn’t you? Oh, you should know better than that, you greasy little maggot. I never forget, and I always pay my debts. The way I figure it, I owe a big debt thanks to your smart-mouthed girlfriend. Say, where is the little slut anyway? I was thinking we’d let her watch us messing you up. Then when we were done with you, we could each take our turn showing her what real men have to offer.” The group laughed, enjoying making the little wimp squirm.

“But she’s a teacher,” Billy said.

Brad said, “Ah, that’s where you’re wrong. She hasn’t officially been hired yet. I checked. She’s just here to audit some classes and sub for a few, hoping to get a permanent job. But when we make it known that she’s banging one of our fine school’s students, one who is mentally deficient, she won’t be able to get a job cleaning the toilets.”

One of the other boys, Jim Sheaf, grabbed his crotch and said, “I got a job for her right here!”

“Yeah, me too.” Another boy said, duplicating the crotch-grabbing gesture. “It don’t pay much, but the tips are big.” They all shared a good laugh at that one.

Then Brad said, “Ah, poor Billy. It looks like your skank whore girlfriend stood you up. Too bad. But that’s ok, ’cause we’re going to mess you up anyway.”

Billy realized he was either going to have to try and fight them off or run away. He had no problem with running away but knew it would be useless against this mob of shaved apes. He might get in a lick or two if he fought, but that would be moot compared to the beating he would have to endure.

The four muscular troublemakers simultaneously took a step toward Billy, their hands clenched into fists, ready to rain a shower of pain down on the helpless boy. However, as soon as they did, the young men stopped in their tracks, looking down at the dark stains spreading out from the crotch of their pants.

“What the Hell!” Jeff shouted, “I just pissed myself. Hey, you guys did too. What the Hell is going on?”

“Forget it.” Brad shouted, “Just ignore it and let’s beat this clown.”

But when they took another step toward Billy, their stomachs clenched, ached, and gurgled, and then all four attackers simultaneously had explosive running diarrhea in their pants. They fell to the ground, clutching their convulsing stomachs, then began experiencing projectile vomiting. 

As Billy watched in amazement, he heard a car horn and turned to see Cindy waiting at the curb. He climbed into the passenger seat, and they drove away.

“It looks like Mr. Touchdown didn’t learn his lesson today. Too bad his boys had to suffer right along with him.” Cindy said.

“Yeah. But I still don’t understand how you did that.”

“Not a problem Billy. I’ll tell you all about it soon, but first, we have some urgent business to take care of.”

“We do?”

“Yes, we most certainly do.” Cindy winked at him and jerked her head toward the back seat.

Billy slowly turned and looked into the rear of the car and saw that the back seat was covered with thick warm blankets. He realized he hadn’t been imagining things after all, and for whatever reason, this gorgeous creature was going to have her way with him. “Well, a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.” He thought.

A short while later, Cindy pulled the car onto a dirt road, drove for a few hundred yards then turned off the engine. She looked at Billy with large seductive eyes and said, “I want you, Billy. I need you more than you can ever know. I hope you find me attractive and want me too.”


A few minutes later, the two were in the back seat doing what countless red-blooded American couples had been doing in their back seats at drive-in movie theaters for many years. They didn’t call drive-ins passion pits for nothing. 

When they were finished, they sat naked, covered with one of the blankets; Cindy asked, “Was that good for you, Billy?”

Billy looked at her with wide eyes and said, “Good? It was way beyond good; it was incredible. I think I’m in love with you, Cindy.”

“Oh, Billy. My silly boy. You’re not in love; you’re in lust. But that’s ok too. Because, you see, this was a test to see if you had what we needed, and believe me, you passed with flying colors.”

“I don’t understand. What do you mean, ‘test?’ And who do you mean by ‘we?’ I’m confused.”

Cindy sighed and said, “Well, I suppose I’d better come clean about a few things, Billy. You see, I’m not really looking to get a job teaching at your school. In fact, I’m technically not really a teacher, or for that matter, I’m not even a college graduate.”

“You’re not?” Billy asked with disappointment obvious in his voice, “I mean, I kinda liked the idea of sneaking around with one of my teachers. It made everything seem… I don’t know, dirtier. The idea was sort of… exciting.”

Cindy looked at Billy with pouting eyes and said, “Does that mean you don’t want me anymore?”

Billy was stunned, “Oh no. It doesn’t mean that at all. I want you plenty.”

Cindy looked under their blanket and said, “It certainly looks like you do.”

Later, after another half hour of the Chevy rockin’ and rollin’, Cindy said, “There’s something I need to tell you, Billy. It’s something you might have trouble wrapping your head around, but it’s very important.”

“Ok. Sure, what is it?”

“Well, you know how you enjoy reading those comic books with the space girls running around dressed all sexy, with their boobs practically hanging out?”

Billy found himself blushing again, “Um… yeah.”

“How would you feel if I told you that I was actually not from Earth but was from another world?”

“You mean like another planet?”

“No, Billy. I mean like another universe, light years from Earth.”

Billy looked at Cindy in awe and said, “I suppose I might think that was cool. I might be a bit freaked for a while, but it would still be really cool.”

“Then I suppose you’ll have to prepare to be freaked because the truth is, I am from another planet in a universe far from Earth.”

Billy realized despite his desire to think otherwise, he actually believed her. It helped to explain the strange hypnotic thing she did to Brad and his friends. He said, “I don’t understand. Why are you here, and why are we here doing this?”

“It’s like this, Billy. Our planet is in trouble. All of the males on our planet have died off, either through war, old age, illness, or misfortune. Now we are unable to reproduce. We searched space to find a race of beings physically close enough to ours and found that Earth had males capable of impregnating us and allowing our race to carry on.”

“But why me? Why not some big strapping guy like Brad back there? I’m just a weak, nerdy guy. Why would you want me?”

“Those overly masculine types are just like our previous males. They always end up fighting and killing each other. If we were to bring back those types of men, we would be in this same situation all over again.”

“Bring back? Does that mean what I think it means?” Billy asked with concern in his voice.

“Look, Billy. It’s not that we would kidnap you or anything. We want you to return to our will with us voluntarily.”

“There’s that ‘we’ again,” Billy said. 

Just then, an identical Chevy Bel Air pulled up behind Cindy’s car, turned off its headlights and engine, and Billy heard two car doors open and close. Cindy opened her door and slid out from under the blanket, standing naked in the moonlight. Billy got out as well but kept himself wrapped in the blanket.

Two of the most gorgeous women he had ever seen slowly walked toward him and Cindy. They were clad only in see-through sheer gowns, which left nothing to the imagination. They smiled seductively at Billy, and he was surprised to find he was as smitten with them as he had been with Cindy. Obviously, Cindy knew these women, and Billy realized she had been expecting them.

“Is this Billy?” One of the girls asked.

“Yes, this is him,” Cindy replied.

“Did he measure up to the task required?” The second girl asked.

“Oh yes,” Cindy said, “And then some. And I should say most energetically.”

The first girl smiled and said, “May I test his capabilities now?”

Cindy turned to Billy and said, “Billy, sweetie, would you mind doing what we did in the car with Mindy here? She would like to make sure you meet our requirements.”

Billy couldn’t believe his ears, “You mean you’re ok with Mindy and me… you know… doing it? You won’t be jealous?”

 “Oh no, Billy. As I said, we are here on a mission to find males to help repopulate our planet. As much as I like you, I can’t let jealousy get in the way of saving our species.”

“Well then,” Billy said, “Let the festivities continue.”

Billy and Mindy climbed into the back seat, and the festivities did, indeed, continue. While they were in the back of the car, Cindy spoke quietly with the other woman who, for this mission, went by the name Lindy. 

However, these two women no longer resembled the gorgeous creatures Billy had seen. That was all an illusion they created based on the characters from the noted cartoonist Wally Wood, meant to satisfy the young boy’s carnal desires. Had they appeared in their true form to him, not only would he not be able to perform sexually, but he would have likely run away screaming or dropped dead of fright.

These women might only vaguely resemble humans if perhaps seen in silhouette, in that they had the general shape and outline of women, but that’s where the resemblance ended. The things standing next to the car, which was currently bouncing rhythmically on its springs, were hideously alien in appearance. 


Their foreheads extend far back along their skulls from large, segmented, insectile eyes, ending in a cluster of long stringy tentacles hanging down like serpents. The hideous appendages even moved like snakes, as if they had minds of their own. The segmented eyes glowed blue-white in the moonlight and were wide apart, almost positioned near the sides of the creature’s heads. 

These creatures had no noses to speak of, but each had three nostrils positioned where a nose should be found. When the aliens breathed, these nasal orifices pulsated with each inhalation. The creatures’ ears were large and pointed with long floppy dangling lobes. However, the most frightening facial features were their large, thick-lipped, wide mouths that stretched from one ear to the other and were filled with multiple rows of sharp shark-like teeth. 

Although the women were naked, they had no firm breasts like those Billy had believed he had seen. Instead, they possessed a series of eight teats, like those found on some nursing animals. Although their bodies were mostly hairless, the area between their legs was so furry it appeared like a thick thatch of tumbleweed had grown there. Their fingers and toes were four times the length of their human counterparts, had thin, fleshy webbing between them, and sharp claws on the ends.

The alien, who called herself Cindy, looked through the steamed window into the back of her car and saw Billy giving Mindy all he was good for. Mindy’s tentacles were glowing bright red and moving hypnotically like Medusa’s head full of snakes. She cried out with fake pleasure as her segmented eyes rolled back and her cavernous mouth opened wide to scream.

Lindy looked at Cindy and asked, “So you’re sure he has no idea what we actually look like?”

“None at all. You know that. They never do. And if he did, he wouldn’t be able to perform so admirably.” Cindy said in their guttural native language. Then, handing her the comic book Billy had been reading. It showed one of Wally Wood’s sexy space girls in an action pose. “Remember, this is what we look like to these humans.”

“Ugh! Hideous!” Lindy replied in her deep, harsh, and raspy voice. “And they find this attractive?”

“Yes, I’m afraid so. But what else can you expect from such a primitive species? The point is that Billy is more than willing to come back with us and service our needs.”

Lindy asked, “If he only knew what our real needs were. Did you feed him that line about repopulating our species?”

“Oh yes. And he bought it, hook, line, and sinker, as did the other several dozen recruits I found. How did you and Mindy do?”

“We managed to find more than fifty candidates. They will all be ready when we leave at midnight.”

Cindy said, “Excellent. You know, the males on this planet are easily persuaded simply by offering them sex. It’s like they stop thinking with their brains and think only with that ridiculous appendage between their legs. Little do they know, if they would only take a few minutes to forget about what they’re doing, they might see through our disguises.”

Lindy said, “Then they might also realize that we were asexual creatures that self-reproduce and have no need for insemination or sex of any kind.”

Cindy smiled with that mouth full of shark teeth, licked her thick lips with a serpentine tongue, and said, “They’ll find that out once we travel through the interdimensional portal and come to our world. But then it will be too late. They’ll see us as we are, and their interest in sex will instantly disappear. Then eventually, they’ll learn the painful truth. We only want them for food.”