Whats New

Whats New?

Hey, can I bend your ear for a minute? I got some news for you that’s going on at Screaming Eye Press.

First we’re bringing back Dead Airwaves podcast with more great writers. Featuring G.L. Raisor, Elizabeth Massie, and so.much more. Also, we’re teaming up with writer David Kempf and audio producer/actor Wesley Critchfield to create a new audio drama anthology series, Strange Forebodings. We have some great scripts, great actors new to us, featuring Chrissi Pashli as the host.

We still have Twisted Pulp Magazine. There’s a great interview with G.L. Raisor. Photos, stories, a wonderful intro by Publisher and SEP head honcho, Chauncey Haworth. Edited by the smartest guy on the planet, Lothar Tuppan.

Reminds me, the three of us have done a book of interviews with Marvel comics creators from the 1970s to be published by Ben Omart at Bear Manor Media. We’re also working on another book of interviews he will publish, Indie comics creators this time around. 

We’ve got two more anthologies in the works. 

Vamprirolgy. Yes, you guessed it, stories about vampires. Lots of fun.  We also have the Noir/mystery anthology Black Dahlia casebook that will come out at some point.

So the next item of news may be the most important to us. 

We’ve been working on an anthology of horror and dark fantasy stories to benefit Free Speech. Horrible little stories, stories they don’t want you to read. Featuring Joe Lansdale Elizabeth Massie G.L. Raisor Jack Dann, G. Wayne Miller, Richard Christian Matheson, and so many more talented writers, plus art from Kim Mixon Hill and Cameron Hampton, who also did the cover.

Here at Screaming Eye Press we are very serious about censorship. It might look like everything is tongue in cheek. I assure you the fight for yours and everyone’s right to view, read, or listen to anything you want, is extremely important. 

Really it’s not about political stances. Who cares who or what party you follow. This is about having the right to say what you want without a hassle or fear you will be destroyed online. Look, just because the internet is relatively a new device to human beings, let’s not use it to destroy each other. And to think we’re still arguing over free speech decades later from our great grandparents is ludicrous. It’s coming from all sides. Not just right, or left, church or devil worshiper, or gaming nerd.

Use that brain people have been telling you you have all your life. And those of you who think their brain is bigger than anyone else, use your heart to believe we are good people and trust that humans need entertainment and knowledge. What they do with it is their consequence.

Now you can have your ear back. I’m done.

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But what is Horrible Little Stories?

Horrible Little Stories is a bone-chilling anthology that delves into the taboo subjects and dark themes that may have trouble getting published in today’s political climate. From disturbing tales of horror and gore to inadmissible accounts of crime and punishment, this collection explores topics that were once commonplace, but now deemed too scandalous for print. Are you looking to take a dark and disturbing look into the stories that once could’ve lined your shelves? Then you’re looking for Horrible Little Stories!

All money earned from this publication run goes directly to benefit TheFire.org (the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression.)


FIRE defends and promotes the value of free speech for all Americans in our courtrooms, on our campuses, and in our culture.