Twisted Pulp Magazine Issue 017

Where is it that all good magazines are dead? In the art or in the spread? Is what we would say if we were some lame pulp magazine, but this is Twisted Pulp Magazine! That's right! Your favorite magazine of kitsch is back with new tales of horror and pulp, new articles of also horror and pulp, as well as pin-ups and featured art. I mean really, where else can you get your hands on something this cool?! This issue features stories and articles from Andy Rausch, E.S. Wynn, Chris Miller, Rita Lazarus and Mark Slade. Featuring interviews with Author Jack Dann, Jessica Catena as well as pin-ups Missy Morningstar and Abby GoLucky, Twisted Pulp is the best gosh-darned pulp magazine the world have ever known!