Weird Tales Vol. 1 No. 3

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Weird Tales

As a pioneer of pulp fiction, Weird Tales Magazine brought tales of horror, adventure, and fantasy to the masses. Its bold and daring stories, often accompanied by striking cover art, captured the imagination of readers and established a new genre of popular literature.

Weird Tales Volume 1 Number 3 May 1923

Weird Tales Vol. 1 No. 3

This magazine was published in 1923 and contained the following stories:

  • The Moon Terror [Part 1 of 2] by A. G. Birch
  • The Secret Fear by Kenneth Duane Whipple
  • Jungle Beasts by William P. Barron
  • The Golden Caverns by Julian Kilman
  • Vials Of Insects by Paul Ellsworth Triem
  • An Eye For An Eye by G. W. Crane
  • The Floor Above by M. Humphreys
  • Penelope by Vincent Starrett
  • The Purple Heart by Herman Sisk
  • Feline by Bruce Grant
  • Two Hours Of Death by E. Thayles Emmons
  • Midnight Black by Hamilton Craigie
  • The Haunted And The Haunters; Or, The House And The Brain by Edward Bulwer-Lytton
  • The Whispering Thing [Part 2 of 2] by Laurie McClintock & Culpeper Chunn
  • The Death Cell by F. K. Moss
  • The Devil Plant by Lyle Wilson Holden
  • Hootch by William Sanford
  • The Thunder Voice by F. Walter Wilson
  • Case No. 27 by Mollie Frank Ellis
  • The Finale by William Merrit
  • The Closed Cabinet by Anon.