The Phoenix on the Sword

By Robert E. Howard

Conan has recently seized the crown of Aquilonia from King Numedides after he strangled the tyrant upon his throne. However, his rule over Aqualonia is nonexistent, as Conan is more suited to swinging his broadsword than signing official documents with a stylus. The citizens of Aquilonia, who originally welcomed Conan as their liberator from Numedides’ tyranny, have gradually turned against him due to his foreign Cimmerian blood.

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  • …is it the subtlty of using the right synonym? Like envoking the style…

    Music is a good place for me to understand the meaning of style. Also, I could do without Stevie… I could probably do without Jimmy too. Just thought I’d put that out there to get some hate : ) Even though he played it note-for-note perfectly in comparison to the original, it sounded completely different

  • Oi, It Burns

    “Oi, It Burns!” the Stupid That Burned the building to the ground

    By Phillip Lester Seymour Bangs Hoffman British Rock band Deep Purple is known for hard driving drums, loud droning, melodic keyboards, heavy basslines, and loud, screeching guitars and vocals. But I bet you didn’t know the true story behind their classic “Smoke on the Water”, did you? At this point, Deep Purple had one U.S.

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    10 Questions for Andy Rausch

    Andy Rausch has written nearly fifty books, including fiction and nonfiction. His fiction titles include Layla’s Score, American Trash, and Until One of Us Is Dead.

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    10 Questions for Chuck Dixon

    Chuck Dixon is a veteran comic book writer with thousands of titles to his name including a record run on Batman at DC Comics (where he co-created the villain BANE along with Graham Nolan) and seminal work on Marvel’s The Punisher.His other work includes extensive runs on titles as diverse as Conan the Barbarian, Nightwing, The Simpsons and SpongeBob Squarepants.

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    Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, J. M. DeMatteis was a professional musician and rock music journalist before entering the comic book field.

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    Jaimie Delano is a British comics writer. He was part of the first post-Alan Moore “British Invasion” of writers which started to feature in American comics in the 1980s. Best known as the first writer of the comic book series Hellblazer, featuring John Constantine. How did you get started in Comics? Around 1980, I was

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    10 Questions for Pat Mills

    Pat Mills, famed as ‘the Godfather of British comics’, created Britain’s most successful comic 2000AD which celebrated its 40th birthday in 2017 and is the subject of his autobiography: Be Pure! Be Vigilant! Behave! 2000AD and Judge Dredd: The Secret History. He also co-created the girls’ mystery comic Misty, now enjoying new success in collected editions.

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    Peter Atkins was born in Liverpool, England on the second of November, 1955. He was a founding member of The Dog Company, a 1970s avant-garde theatre group, along with Clive Barker and Doug Bradley—with whom he would later work on the Hellraiser movies. As well as his movie and TV work, he is the author of the novels Morningstar (1992), Big Thunder (1997), and the collection Wishmaster and Other Stories (1999). He is married to Dana Middleton and lives in Los Angeles, California.

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    A Honeymoon of Horror: Eerie Comics Revisted #2

    Eerie Comics Revisited

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    A Post-Apocalyptic, Twisted Pulp Interview with Donald J. Trump… and Donald J. Trump.

    A Post-Apocalyptic, Twisted Pulp Interview with Donald J. Trump… and Donald J. Trump.

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    Black Means Death ECR7

    My name is Harry Walters. They’ve already shaved my head and cut my trousers for the electrodes. In five minutes I’ll be dead!

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    Blood for the Vampire ECR7

    They say this happened many years ago, in the Tyrolean Alps, near what was then the small hamlet of Ravennes! It need not frighten you, not the first part of it anyway.

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    Not sure what horror movie to watch this Thanksgiving? Well Screaming Eye Press contributor, Buttonface and some flicks to watch and some to avoid.