Movies and TV Based on The Lodger

The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog 1927

Directed by Alfred Hitchcock, “The Lodger” (1927) is a silent thriller film based on Marie Belloc Lowndes’ novel. It revolves around a mysterious lodger suspected of being Jack the Ripper. Hitchcock’s signature suspenseful storytelling and innovative techniques make this film a classic in cinema history. On difference from the novel is Hitchcock had to have the Buntings’ daughter as the lodger’s love interest due to pressure from Gainsborough Pictures.

The Lodger AKA The Phantom Fiend1932

This version is a sound remake of Hitchcock’s 1927 film, directed by Maurice Elvey. Although it shares the same source material and premise, it is a talkie and has dialogue. Despite this, it remains faithful to the suspenseful atmosphere of the original.

The Lodger 1944

Directed by John Brahm, this adaptation of “The Lodger” brings a new twist by setting the story in London during World War II. While the core plot of a mysterious lodger suspected of being a serial killer remains, the wartime setting adds layers of tension and intrigue, distinguishing it from earlier adaptations.

Man in the Attic 1953

Inspired by the same source material as “The Lodger,” this film is a loose adaptation directed by Hugo Fregonese. Set in Victorian London, it follows a similar plot of a lodger under suspicion for gruesome murders, but with alterations to characters and narrative elements. Notably, the main character is played by Jack Palance.

The Lodger 2009

A modern retelling directed by David Ondaatje, “The Lodger” (2009) sets the story in contemporary Los Angeles. While it retains the core mystery of the lodger’s identity and potential connection to a series of murders, it introduces new twists and updates the narrative for a contemporary audience, making it distinct from its predecessors.

The novel was also made into a TV episode for the Armchair Mystery Theatre that aired in 1965 in the UK. In 1967, a German TV movie named “Der Mieter” was directed by Wolf Dietrich, starring Pinkas Braun as the murderer. But I can’t seem to find copies of either of these, so if you got them, shoot me a message.