Argosy was a Men's Adventure Magazine

Argosy Magazine or The All-Story Weekly

Argosy Magazine or The All-Story Weekly was an American fiction magazine published from 1882 until 1978. The first issue appeared in March 1882, and it ran four issues per month. In November 1914 it became a monthly publication. In its early years, the magazine focused on foreign editions and translations of popular English language works. It was subtitled “a weekly journal of short fiction, general literature, adventure, humor and romance” in its first volume. In addition to fiction, the magazine frequently published condensed novels.

Argosy Magazine or The All-Story Weekly was an American fiction magazine published from 1882 until 1978.

Founded by Frank Munsey and later edited by Robert H. Davis, it was the first pulp magazine and has been considered one of the most important in popular literature.

It had a wide range of genres including adventure fiction, historical romance, science fiction and detective stories. The allure of its colorful covers attracted many young readers who were fascinated by what they saw as exotic lands filled with strange creatures and characters. It also helped to inspire many writers who went on to more literary careers such as Theodore Dreiser, Jack London, Jack Kerouac and Stephen King.

The History of Argosy Magazine

In the late 19th century, American literary magazines began to appear in greater numbers. While these magazines catered primarily to writers who sought publication and recognition outside of mainstream venues, they also provided readers with an alternative source of entertainment. Argosy became popular with readers during this time period. It was founded by Frank Munsey in 1896 and continued publishing until it folded in 1950 due to declining sales caused by television’s rise as a media outlet for short fiction .

The magazine was aimed at the new middle class of readers who were emerging in the early 20th century.

In 1926, Frank Munsey merged his business interests with those of another publishing entrepreneur named Harry Steeger. The result was a company called Publishers’ Fiscal Corporation (PFC), formed from their combined holdings in pulp magazines such as Adventure, Argosy and All-Story Weekly.”

Famous Authors in Argosy Magazine

  • Edgar Allan Poe
  • H. P. Lovecraft
  • Robert E. Howard
  • Ray Bradbury
  • Isaac Asimov
  • Clark Ashton Smith
  • Robert Bloch
  • Fredric Brown

Argosy Magazine: A Great Historical Record of Fiction

Argosy Magazine was one of the greatest literary magazines in history. It published hundreds of stories by some of the most famous writers in America, and is totally worth checking out for any pulp fiction fan.

Argosy vol 354 no 6 June 1962