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Adventure Magazine

Adventure was an American pulp magazine that was first published in 1910. It is one of the most popular adventure magazines in history and has had several lives, having been bought, sold and changed format multiple times over the years.

The first issue of Adventure Magazine was published 1910. In 1934 Popular Publications acquired the rights to Adventure magazine from the Ridgway company.

Adventure is an American pulp magazine that was first published in 1910

Adventure was one of the oldest pulp magazines and its first editor was Trumbull White. Adventure magazine had a long lifespan through the 20th century. Its first issue was printed in 1910 and featured serialized fiction.

  • Adventure carried fiction from such notable writers as Rider Haggard, Rafael Sabatini, and Baroness Orczy.
  • The magazine cultivated its own group of authors (who Hoffman dubbed his “Writers’ Brigade”). Each member had their own areas of interest greatly rounding out the content.
  • During “The Hoffman era”, Adventure magazine also featured many stories by some well-known writers like Talbot Mundy, T.S. Stribling, and Arthur O. Friel.

Adventure was bought in 1934 by Popular Publications.

In April 1953, the pulp changed its format to a men’s adventure magazine

The magazine changed from adventure to a pulp men’s adventure magazine. The new format lost some credibility, but still secured heavy hitters like Arthur C. Clarke and Norman Miler. The focus was on adventure stories, with plenty of action and violence. But, less sex than you might expect as pulp publishers were worried about violating obscenity laws.

Adventure Magazine stopped printing in 1971

In 1971, Adventure Magazine stopped printing. The magazine had a long lifespan through the 20th century, but by the time it ended its run in ’71, readership had declined.