Vulpine Vamps Vol 2: Twisted Pulp Magazine Presents

Gee willikers! That’s a lot of sweet looking birds in one magazine. Are you a classy guy that appreciates women as works of art? Are you a creep with a modicum of class? Are you a lady that is trying to show support for ladies? Or possible a lady creep with a modicum of class? Whatever you are, as long as you appreciate the vintage mags of yore and some quality pinup photography, then Vulpine Vamps from Twisted Pulp Magazine is for you! … is that everybody? I think I got everybody…
Twisted Pulp Magazine Presents: Vulpine Vamps Vol 2 is a collection of new interviews with new pinups that is sure to make you feel stuff, er whatever. Be sure, that what I lack in writing skill is made up by the photographic beauty created by the models and photographers in this quality collection of pinups.

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Kindle Edition, Print – B&W, Print – Color