Dead Airwaves Episode 2: A Sacce for Sale

A husband's obsession with buying pop culture collectables from an online auction leads to an irritated wife and all their dreams coming true... all of them.


  • Written By Mark Slade
  • Read By Ronda Mitchell
  • Credits Read By Jackie Ayers


  • Theme Music By Tim Slade
  • Production By Mark Slade And Chauncey Haworth
  • Dead Airwaves Art By Cameron Hampton

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Dead Airwaves Episode 3: Tap, Tap, Tap

Dead Airwave Episode 3 Tap Tap Tap

A man is haunted by a hidden memory and desperately grasps at reality to regain his foothold. But, his desperate call for reality delivers him to his nightmare.


Dead Airwaves is a short story podcast with stories of horror, sci-fi, and dark fantasy.