Blood Noir Episode 7: Get Yer Rocks Off

Fading rock star Sammy Kane has lots of stories to tell a reporter, all fantastical and insane. Lies or just memories twisted from drug abuse?


  • Pete Lutz as The Stranger
  • Paul Sating as Sammy Kane
  • Tanja Milojevic as Darlene
  • Mat Weller as Rocky the D.J.
  • Eden as Angel and Groupie
  • Jeff Niles as Marty
  • Atticus Jackson as Billy
  • Viktor Aurelius as The Frenchman
  • Ryan Clayton as Bodyguard #1
  • Stefano Echanique as bodyguard #2
  • Jess Roberts as Bodyguard #3


  • Written and Directed by Mark Slade.
  • Music by Carpenter’s Notch
  • Theme music by Carpenter’s Notch and
  • Credits Narration by Tanja Milojevic

Blood Noir is a fully produced horror audio drama that tells a story via cassette tapes in an audio short story format.

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