Blood Noir Episode 8: Fool and Me

Two homeless men find gold coins in an abandoned house and unleash a terrible fate!


  • Pete Lutz As The Stranger
  • Terrance Drye As Crosby
  • Pete Lutz As Fool
  • Viktor Auralius As Grant
  • Kiki Sanford As Mary
  • Jeff Niles As Roger
  • Ronda Mitchell As The Store Manager
  • Mummy Sounds By Terrance Drye And Jeff Niles


  • Music Composed And Recorded By Carpenter’s Notch And Jude
  • Cann Hunt Theme Song By Carpenter’s Notch And
  • Written And Directed By Mark Slade

Blood Noir is a fully produced horror audio drama that tells a story via cassette tapes in an audio short story format.

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