Editorial War on He-Man

Editorial: The War on He-man

Warning… I’m a total fucking nerd. So, the other day I was in a He-Man chat room where some guy was hating on the new Masters of the Universe: Revelation cartoon. I thought I would join the conversation and say. “I really liked the new He Man Cartoon?”… Ya know, a normal comment that one would make to a person to start a constructive conversation. His response was, “Good for you”. My response was, “That’s not very nice”. It’s an example of how people can’t let change happen. In this guy’s case, is it that he thinks He-Man should now be made for him, a grown man? Or maybe that kids today should be just like kids of his day?

On to Christmas. People don’t say “happy holidays” to get rid of Christmas, and if spending and capitalism is a clue to anything, Christmas is not going anywhere anytime soon. In 2002, Americans spent $416.4 billion… in 2022 we spent $936.3 billion according to both FOX News and CNBC.

Why don’t we like to allow different things into our lives? Why can’t we make room for them? This time of year is for Christmas, but that’s not all it is, or ever was. Thanks to invaders and religions capitalizing on the winter solstice, christmastime is the birthday of about 20 gods throughout history… not to mention the stuff that has gone on since.

My birthday weekend almost always falls on the same weekend as the Superbowl. I don’t even like football, but you don’t see me with a sign in the street talking about how it’s supposed to be Chauncey-mas.

I know two people that both have birthdays on Halloween. One loves getting halloween themed stuff, the other hates it because she feels it takes from her birthday experience. What’s up with that?

I guess the point of this is that there is no war on Christmas. There is no war on He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. What there is, is the internet, phones, radio and TV… and great magazines such as this one.

The world once spent Christmas holed up in a pub with 20 to 200 jackasses they had known their whole lives, grown up with, went to church with, and celebrated with. Now we spend everyday with access to seeing what 8 Billion jackasses are up to. There is no war on anything… just people doing their own thing. So chill the fuck out and go do your own thing… after you read the mag, of course.