Taily Po: Tales from the Ninth Tower Ep 2

In this episode of Tales from the Ninth Tower," Lothar Tuppan shares his fascination with horror stories and monsters; a love that became apparent to his family when he told them that he no longer needed a nightlight because themonsters in his room would protect him. Lothar's grandmother, in particular, indulged his interests and shared a scary story about a man named Jesse who went to live in the wild after love failed him. One Halloween, Jesse heard strange noises and saw a shadow against his door. He grabbed his ax, but was he was too late in this suspenseful and chilling tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat. 
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Tales from the Ninth Tower is an oral story telling podcast.


  • Story Arrangement and performance by Lothar Tuppan
  • Sound Effects from the Freesound Project
  • Music by Kevin MacLeod of Incompetec Sound Design
  • Mastering by Lothar Tuppan
  • This presentation is copyright 2023 to Lothar Tuppan
  • This recording is released under CC 3.0
  • The Ninth Tower Productions

What is Oral Storytelling?

Oral storytelling is the act of telling a story aloud, usually without the use of written or visual aids. It’s an ancient form of art that has been used to convey history, culture, and entertainment for thousands of years. The storyteller may memorize the events of the story, but they often modify it during each telling to tailor it to the audience and maximize its impact. Unlike recorded media, there are no do-overs in oral storytelling since it is tradionally performed in front of a live audience.