Eerie Comics Revisited: Hounds from Hell + The Ghostly Diners + Goodies

This curious story is a true one. It took place in an isolated corner of the world, New Zealand, and it concerns a man who was perhaps not entirely human himself.

Eerie Comics Revisited: Haunted Honeymoon

Roy and Dot Evans certainly didn’t believe in ghosts! That stormy night, their disabled car, the weird old house where they took refuge, all that seemed just an interesting adventure!

Eerie Comics Revisited: Blood for the Vampire

They say this happened many years ago, in the Tyrolean Alps, near what was then the small hamlet of Ravennes! It need not frighten you, not the first part of it anyway.

Eerie Comics Revisited: Black Means Death

My name is Harry Walters. They’ve already shaved my head and cut my trousers for the electrodes. In five minutes I’ll be dead!