Blood Noir Episode 2: Black Roses

A group of friends and thieves steal a valuable object and unleash an ancient creature, who is rather hungry.


  • Pete Lutz as The Stranger
  • George Hatfield as Joey
  • John Washington as Lowell
  • Nick Wommack as Mickey
  • Kyle Bauer as Greg
  • Marilee Robinson as the old woman
  • Christina Gabriella as the girl
  • Ashley Kristeen Vega as Georgia
  • Jackie Ayers as Maggie
  • Other voices by Kristy Glick and Pete Lutz
  • Announcer Lisa Ayala


  • Written by Mark Slade
  • Directed by Pete Lutz
  • Music by Tom Parsons
  • 2nd Credit Narration by Sharon O. Blumberg.

Blood Noir is a fully produced horror audio drama that tells a story via cassette tapes in an audio short story format.

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