Weird Tales Volume 1 Number 4

Weird Tales

Weird Tales was a pulp magazine that focused on horror and weird fiction, including science fiction and fantasy stories.

This magazine was published in 1923 and contained the following stories:

  • The Evening Wolves (Part 1 of 2) serial by Paul Ellsworth Triem
  • Snatched from the Grave, Woman Tells of Death essay by uncredited
  • Desert Madness novelette by Harold Freeman Miners
  • Chicago Man Attacked by Fighting Owl essay by uncredited
  • The Jailer of Souls novelette by Hamilton Craigie
  • Editor Baffled by Weird Seance essay by uncredited
  • Jack O’ Mystery short story by Edwin MacLaren
  • Osiris short story by Adam Hull Shirk
  • Failure to Keep Tab on Quitting Time Kills Two essay by uncredited
  • The Well short story by Julian Kilman
  • The Phantom Wolfhound
  • The Murders in the Rue Morgue
  • Kilted Wraith and Bagpipe Spook Communicate with Spiritualists essay by uncredited
  • The Moon Terror (Part 2 of 2) serial by A. G. Birch
  • The Man the Law Forgot short story by Walter Noble Burns
  • The Blade of Vengeance short story by George Warburton Lewis
  • Air Transportation Between Chicago and New York to Be Established essay by uncredited
  • The Gray Death short story by Loual B. Sugarman
  • Savants No Longer Know All Things essay by uncredited
  • Ancient Legend Recalled When Misfortune Attends Tut’s Discoverers essay by uncredited
  • The Voice in the Fog short story by Henry Leverage
  • The Invisible Terror short story by Hugh Thomason
  • The Escape short story by Helen Rowe Henze
  • The Siren short story by Tarleton Collier
  • Men, Lost at Sea, Live Through Week of Horror essay by uncredited
  • The Madman short story by Herbert Hipwell
  • Arrest Woman Accused of Witchcraft essay by uncredited
  • The Chair short story by Dr. Harry E. Mereness
  • Rare Music Disappears Mysteriously essay by uncredited
  • The Cauldron
  • Seek Solution to Sahara Desert Mystery essay by uncredited
  • Men Sing Hymn as They Go to Death essay by uncredited