Weird Tales Volume 1 Number 2

Weird Tales

Weird Tales was a pulp magazine that focused on horror and weird fiction, including science fiction and fantasy stories.

This magazine was published in 1923 and contained the following stories:

  • The Scar by Carl Rasmus
  • Beyond The Door by J. Paul Suter
  • The Tortoise Shell Comb by Roylston Markham
  • A Photographic Phantasm by Paul Crumpler, M.D.
  • The Living Nightmare by Anton M. Oliver
  • The Incubus by Hamilton Craigie
  • The Bodymaster by Harold Ward
  • Jungle Death by Artemus Calloway
  • The Snake Fiend by Farnsworth Wright
  • A Square Of Canvas by Anthony M. Rud
  • The Affair Of The Man In Scarlet by Julian Kilman
  • The Hideous Face by Victor Johns
  • The Forty Jars by Ray McGillivray
  • The Wish by Myrtle Levy Gaylord
  • The Whispering Thing [Part 1 of 2] by Laurie McClintock & Culpeper Chunn
  • The Thing Of A Thousand Shapes [Part 2 of 2] by Otis Adelbert Kline
  • The Conquering Will by Ted Olson
  • Six Feet Of Willow—Green by Carroll K. Michener
  • The Hall Of The Dead by Francis D. Grierson
  • The Parlor Cemetery by C. E. Howard
  • Golden Glow by Harry Irving Shumway