Weird Tales Volume 1 Number 1

Weird Tales

Weird Tales was a pulp magazine that focused on horror and weird fiction, including science fiction and fantasy stories.

This magazine was published in 1923 and contained the following stories:

  • The Dead Man’s Tale by Willard E. Hawkins
  • Ooze by Anthony M. Rud
  • The Thing Of A Thousand Shapes [Part 1 of 2] by Otis Adelbert Kline
  • The Mystery Of Black Jean by Julian Kilman
  • The Grave by Orville R. Emerson
  • Hark! The Rattle! by Joel Townsley Rogers
  • The Ghost Guard by Bryan Irvine
  • The Ghoul And The Corpse by G. A. Wells
  • Fear by David R. Solomon
  • The Chain by Hamilton Craigie
  • The Place Of Madness by Merlin Moore Taylor
  • The Closing Hand by Farnsworth Wright
  • The Unknown Beast by Howard Ellis Davis
  • The Basket by Herbert J. Mangham
  • The Accusing Voice by Meredith Davis
  • The Sequel [Fortunato] by Walter Scott Story
  • The Weaving Shadows by W. H. Holmes
  • Nimba, The Cave Girl by R. T. M. Scott
  • The Young Man Who Wanted To Die by Anon.
  • The Scarlet Night by William Sanford
  • The Extraordinary Experiment Of Dr. Calgroni by Joseph Faus & James Bennett Wooding
  • The Return Of Paul Slavsky by George Warburton Lewis
  • The House Of Death by F. Georgia Stroup
  • The Gallows by I. W. D. Peters
  • The Skull by Harold Ward
  • The Ape-Man by James B. M. Clark, Jr.