Vinnie Von Vintage
Vinnie Von Vintage

Pinup: Vinnie Von Vintage

Where are you from? What is your background?

I am from Toledo, Ohio. I am a mama of two teens. I am obsessed with the time frame from 1940 to 1979. I love being in nature. I love to cook and I’m pretty good at it. I love to workout and pole fitness is my jam. I also adore video games in my free time.

What inspired you to become a model?

One of my dearest friends who is also a photographer, asked me to pose for her so she could practice more. I agreed and it started from there. I have been modeling for 9 years but in the last two, getting more serious.

What are the pluses and minuses of modeling?

I love modeling. It’s a part of me. I love sharing my work with the world. I don’t think there are any cons to modeling.

What performer or artist/writer inspires you the most?

My biggest inspirations are Bettie Page, Bunny Yeager, Jayne Mansfield, and Marilyn Monroe.

What other areas of art are you involved in?

I am also dabbling in photography and I enjoy to paint.

Do you think your environment, where you live, has an effect on type of art you create?

Yes, living in Toledo has. We have some really beautiful spots to shoot at. I’m also not far from Detroit and I love shooting there too.

What long term goals do you have?

To become more known pinup world and to make consistent money off of it.

What do you think the popular culture will be like in ten years?

I think there will be more liberation and empowerment in how women feel in expressing themselves.

What’s the strangest thing thing you’ve been asked to do in your profession?

So far I’ve been pretty fortunate not to be asked anything ridiculous.

What projects are you working on now?

I have something lined up with Retro Lovely and more shoots with Enchanted Photography LLC.