Cosplay Corner with Amanda!

Cosplay Cornerwith Amanda!

Hey y’all! With the holidays just around the corner I’m here to teach you some tricks and tips on how to holiday-ify your cosplays! From concepting, to materials, I’m gonna show you how to craft a great holiday cosplay!

When it comes to concepting, designing, and creating a cohesive holiday themed cosplay you have to start with the big picture first. The way I approach creating a holiday themed cosplay is first by selecting the character and specific costume variation I’m going to wear.

Once I’ve decided on which iteration of the character I’m going to use I take their color palette and search for some fabrics and materials that could seamlessly work with the character and their vibe.

I’m gonna use my animated Justice League Wonder Woman cosplay as an example to show my thought process and method of designing a holiday cosplay! Below, I’ve selected my fabrics and possible accessories to use in lieu of the traditional expected materials for the character.

I found these great red and blue fabrics that mimic Wondy’s iconic starry blue hot pants with this cute blue number with white fir trees that take the place of the stars. Gold tinsel would be a cute and kitschy replacement for her lasso of truth, and silver tinsel may be a fun touch to use on her bracers. White marabou trim to replace the white leather boot trim is an excellent and cutesy touch to soften the look.

Next I’ll use a good quality photo of my completed cosplay and use a photo editing program to create a mock-up of my idea. Editing programs don’t have to be expensive, I use Polish pro, an app I downloaded for free. The subscription for the pro features is less than ten bucks a month if I’m not mistaken. I use it frequently enough to make those ten buckaroos really count.

Here’s an example and comparison of my mock-up versus my screen accurate cosplay that helps me get comfortable with the visual in my head. I really love the way it came out!

Sometimes I’ll use 2-3 photos to really get the feel for my concept. I really fell in love with the fabrics I chose, with the exception of the silver tinsel. But that’s the beauty of concepting! You don’t risk spending money on materials that might not look the best.

I hope you guys found this as informative as I found it fun! If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me on Instagram @ladydevinecosplay!

Happy holiday crafting!