Tonight at 6PM: UFOria 1985

UFOria (1985)

Before anybody gets a little to nerdy for their britches, there is some confusion as to if this movie hit theaters in '84 or '85, but if that a big deal to you, you're a nerd. Otherwise, my ol' buddy Mark Slade told me about this flick and I was a liitle shocked that I hadn't seen it. So, if it's new to you it'll be new to us both and if it's not new to you, don't spoil it, man! It's not every day you get to watch a new Harry Dean Stanton flick. Now, it's a comedy, that's a little different for us so far, but if it's weird and has Harry in it, it was made for us.

Sheldon Bart is a drifter, and a small-time con man. He meets his old friend, Brother Bud, a big-time con man into faith healing and fencing stolen cars, at his revival tent outside a small town. While he's helping Brother Bud, he falls in love with Arlene, a local supermarket clerk who believes in UFOs and is deeply religious and deeply lonely. When Arlene has a vision of a coming UFO, everyone deals with it in their own way.


Directed by:
John Binder

Writing Credits:
John Binder

Cindy Williams ... Arlene Stewart
Harry Dean Stanton ... Brother Bud Sanders
Fred Ward ... Sheldon Bart
Beverly Hope Atkinson ... Naomi
Harry Carey Jr. ... George Martin
Diane Adair ... Delores (as Diane Diefendorf)

UFOria Poster

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