Strange Tales Of Mystery And Terror v2n3

If you’re a fan of pulp and noir fiction, you’re going to love Strange Tales Of Mystery And Terror v2n3!

This magazine was published in 1932 and contained the following stories:

  • The Hunters From Beyond by Clark Ashton Smith
  • Speaking Heads by Anon.
  • The Curse Of Amen-Ra by Victor Rousseau
  • Injustice Triumphant by Anon.
  • Sea-Tiger by Henry S. Whitehead
  • The Dead Walk Softly by Sewell Peaslee Wright
  • Old Superstitions by Anon.
  • Bal Macabre by Gustav Meyrink; translated by Udo Rall
  • Ghost Vengeance by Anon.
  • Strange Tales And True by Robert W. Sneddon
  • Bird Spirits by Anon.
  • The Infernal Shadow by Hugh B. Cave
  • The Artist Of Tao by Arthur Styron
  • Indian Guardian Spirits by Anon.
  • In The Lair Of The Space Monsters by Frank B. Long, Jr.
  • Fairies Of Folklore by Anon.

Strange Tales Of Mystery And Terror

Strange Tales was a pulp magazine that was published in the early 1930s. It was known for its stories of suspense, science fiction, and horror. Some of the notable authors who published in Strange Tales were Eando Binder, Fenton McCann, Lee Eisenberg, and Howard Browne.