Meet Pete Chambers. A con artist who stumbles on the supernatural he never knew existed in his city. Follow him as he gets caught up in a deadly love affair that is destined to self-destruct in this James M. Cain-esque book filled with demons and ghosts.

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Hellspeak Cover pt 1

Chapter 1: Dead End Friends pt 1

She walked by, the air was consumed by perfume. She was a tall brunette with legs up to her neck. She dressed like she had money, only you never know when a broad has money or not. Many times I've sat at Nicky's and had a couple of drinks when a squeeze would pop in,...

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Hellspeak The Spirit Fix Pt 7

Chapter 7: The Spirit Fix Pt 7

All the old crooks from yesteryear were there, sitting at tables, drinking and swearing, sharing stories from days when a cop could be bribed and concrete shoes were one-size-fits-all.

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