• Chamber of Death: Eerie Comics Revisted #2

    Chamber of Death: Eerie Comics Revisted #2

    A rookie policeman is assigned to patrol a lonely beat that runs alongside a cemetery on the outskirts of town. On his first night on the job, he notices a flickering light, and when he investigates, he finds a flight of stone steps leading down to the subterranean depths.

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  • The Deformed Of Zoar

    The Deformed Of Zoar

    A valley in Western New York is inhabited by a religious community, but among them are the Wright family, known for their love of drink and gambling. One dark night, a peddler stops at their house for lodging and unwittingly displays his valuables to the greedy Wright family.

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  • The Alchemist: ECR7

    The Alchemist: ECR7

    In this short story, a reclusive chemist is determined to find the elixir of life to help him dispel the chill and disintegration of age.

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  • The Roadrunner Murder

    The Roadrunner Murder

    Dark instincts prevail in this wry hardboiled tale of the dark seedy undeerbelly of Acme City.

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  • Rat and Miriam

    Rat and Miriam

    Rat and Miriam Story By Mark Slade Art By Amanda Turco(Dedicated To David Drake) “I see those dog-faced assholes now,” Miriam screamed as he looked through the periscope and shifted into fifth gear. The tank kicked up a cloud of dust, burying the skeletal dune buggy baring down on it quickly. The desert sun was

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  • The Ghostly Diners ECR7

    The Ghostly Diners ECR7

    This curious story is a true one. It took place in an isolated corner of the world, New Zealand, and it concerns a man who was perhaps not entirely human himself.

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  • Great Gog’s Grave: ECR6

    Great Gog’s Grave: ECR6

    The trouble with me is that I am too skeptical; I don’t always believe what I hear. So, naturally, when my girl friend Dora asked me to help her look for Gog’s grave I didn’t stop to argue with her.

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  • The House of Skulls ECR4

    The House of Skulls ECR4

    Ellen gazed into the Chinese crystal. Its blue depths reflected the shifting colors of the old witch-woman’s hut.

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