Weird Tales Vol. 1 No. 4

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Weird Tales

The pages of Weird Tales Magazine were a treasure trove of bizarre and unsettling tales, featuring everything from demonic possession and ghostly apparitions to ancient curses and forbidden knowledge. The pages of this pulp magazine challenged the boundaries of what was considered acceptable literature and paved the way for a new generation of writers.

Weird Tales Volume 1 Number 4 June 1923

Weird Tales Vol. 1 No. 4

This magazine was published in 1923 and contained the following stories:

  • The Evening Wolves (Part 1 of 2) serial by Paul Ellsworth Triem
  • Snatched from the Grave, Woman Tells of Death essay by uncredited
  • Desert Madness novelette by Harold Freeman Miners
  • Chicago Man Attacked by Fighting Owl essay by uncredited
  • The Jailer of Souls novelette by Hamilton Craigie
  • Editor Baffled by Weird Seance essay by uncredited
  • Jack O’ Mystery short story by Edwin MacLaren
  • Osiris short story by Adam Hull Shirk
  • Failure to Keep Tab on Quitting Time Kills Two essay by uncredited
  • The Well short story by Julian Kilman
  • The Phantom Wolfhound
  • The Murders in the Rue Morgue
  • Kilted Wraith and Bagpipe Spook Communicate with Spiritualists essay by uncredited
  • The Moon Terror (Part 2 of 2) serial by A. G. Birch
  • The Man the Law Forgot short story by Walter Noble Burns
  • The Blade of Vengeance short story by George Warburton Lewis
  • Air Transportation Between Chicago and New York to Be Established essay by uncredited
  • The Gray Death short story by Loual B. Sugarman
  • Savants No Longer Know All Things essay by uncredited
  • Ancient Legend Recalled When Misfortune Attends Tut’s Discoverers essay by uncredited
  • The Voice in the Fog short story by Henry Leverage
  • The Invisible Terror short story by Hugh Thomason
  • The Escape short story by Helen Rowe Henze
  • The Siren short story by Tarleton Collier
  • Men, Lost at Sea, Live Through Week of Horror essay by uncredited
  • The Madman short story by Herbert Hipwell
  • Arrest Woman Accused of Witchcraft essay by uncredited
  • The Chair short story by Dr. Harry E. Mereness
  • Rare Music Disappears Mysteriously essay by uncredited
  • The Cauldron
  • Seek Solution to Sahara Desert Mystery essay by uncredited
  • Men Sing Hymn as They Go to Death essay by uncredited