The Wendigo by Algernon Blackwood

The Wendigo

by Algernon Blackwood

In the unforgiving wilderness of the Canadian woods, a hunting expedition takes a sinister turn when the ancient legend of the Wendigo reawakens. As the line between reality and nightmare blurs, the true horror lies not only in the heart of the wilderness but within the depths of the human psyche, making this tale a haunting exploration of fear, isolation, and the relentless power of the unknown.

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  • The Wendigo Chapter 1

    In the depths of the Canadian wilderness, a group of men embark on a perilous journey that will plunge them into the chilling and ancient legend of the Wendigo.

  • The Wendigo Chapter 2

    In the heart of the primeval forest, the two men venture forth, their fears as vast and mysterious as the wilderness itself.

  • The Wendigo Chapter 3

    In the heart of the wilderness, a haunting and inexplicable sound awakens a sense of pity and dread, setting the stage for a night of uncanny and unsettling events that defy rational explanation.

  • The Wendigo Chapter 4

    The wilderness takes on an eerie and malevolent presence as a young man searches for his missing guide, encountering inexplicable tracks, a terrifying cry, and an unsettling odor that hints at an unimaginable horror lurking beyond the trees.

  • The Wendigo Chapter 5

    A young man, driven to the edge of fear in the wilderness, follows a mysterious trail, only to encounter inexplicable phenomena that test the limits of his sanity, leaving him lost in the vastness of the untamed wilderness.

  • The Wendigo Chapter 6

    A prosaic uncle joins the search for a missing guide in the haunted wilderness, leading to revelations about the guide’s descent into madness and the inexplicable phenomena that have terrorized the group.

  • The Wendigo Chapter 7

    The group of men in the wilderness find themselves ensnared by a haunting legend as they recount the eerie tale of the Wendigo, only to have their own fears and superstitions brought to life by a series of chilling and unexplained events.

  • The Wendigo Chapter 8

    The remote wilderness camp becomes the setting for a nightmarish encounter with a grotesque and unrecognizable figure claiming to be Défago, whose strange and horrifying transformation defies explanation.

  • The Wendigo Chapter 9

    The group’s encounter with primitive, otherworldly forces takes a horrifying turn when they stumble upon a returned companion who has been transformed, mindless and amnesic.