Twisted Pulp Magazine Issue #1


You can finally breathe! The maiden voyage of Twisted Pulp Magazine has finally set sail! In this first issue, we do what we do best, collect articles, stories, comics, and art that focus on dark, mysterious, noir, and satirical content. You say, “That’s a tall order for one magazine” and we say… “yes, it is, but we’re doing it anyway.

This issue features stories from Lothar Tuppan, Chauncey Haworth, Kara Kittrick, Mark Slade, and more as well as irreverent articles, comics, and featured artist Lissanne Lake.

Spook Show Issue 002 Cover

What’s inside


The Fantastic Worlds Of Lissanne Lake

Featured Artist Lissanne Lake

Willy Wonka Part I

By Rob Lowe (Not that Rob Lowe)


By Dr. Hillary Chestnut

Rat and Miriam

Story by Mark Slade
Art by Amanda Turco

Vampires of the West Coast Chapter 1

By Kara Kittrick

With Cartoons by

Thomas Malafarina

The Truth From Dubba Daddly

By Dubba Daddly

Of Eons and Stars Parts 1+2

By Chauncey Haworth

The Camino Real

by Lothar J. Tuppan

A Post-Apocalyptic, Twisted Pulp Interview with Donald J. Trump… and Donald J. Trump.

By Dr. Mary Von Rocksprocket

"OI, IT BURNS!": The Stupid That Burned the Building to the Ground

By Phillip Lester Seymour Bangs Hoffman