Looking-glass House And Other Stories

Another dimension exists in the basement of a Minnesota home. It’s empty, it’s strange, but most of all, it’s hungry.

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Looking-Glass House and Other Stories is a novella and two short stories that center on misfits and places that are themselves entities. When you don’t feel at home in the world, where else can you go?

In these tales, author Eve Taft weaves tales that take the places and people that we take for granted and shines a new light of fear and mystery upon them.

Looking-Glass House begins with a snowstorm. Beth, a college grad with a broken heart, and Charlie, a punk with a colorful past, are part of a rakish cleaning team in the heartland of America, and today is a rotten day to go out on a job. Arriving at the job, they discover little out of the ordinary about 19 Hawthorn Lane. It’s a bachelor’s house with an outdated basement and a well-used kitchen. Until Charlie finds a little door, and one thing she’s never been good at is leaving well enough alone. Beth, reluctantly following her protective instincts, follows Charlie into another world. But something is very wrong, and it’s not just that everything is a mirror of itself.

What follows is a story of escape, who we leave behind, and whether we ever get the chance to go back.

The next story, Contortion takes readers to a carnival… it’s leaving that might be the problem. Old diaries, forum posts, and other ephemera tell the story of the ones who disappeared.

And finally, nothing much happens in Doldrums, except something completely, and utterly impossible.

Eve Taft - Author Of Looking-Glass House
Eve Taft is a rogue multi-classed with bard who likes stories about anything weird. An American expat who lives in Ireland, she can be found teaching ESL, climbing around crumbling ruins, or hanging out with Oliver, the cat she belongs to.