Chapter 5: Deguello pt 4

I was back to my street, listening to little Jimmy calling out to people hitting the pavement to buy the local paper. He had strong lungs for a twelve-year-old black kid. Then again, Jimmy is not who he appears to be.

Jimmy saw me, plucked a lit cigar butt from between his lips, and tossed it on the sidewalk. He smiled sideways, watched me walk up to him with Artie at my side.

“What’s the goon smiling at,” Jimmy said, pointed at Artie.

Artie kept smiling, stuck his hand out for Jimmy to take it. I smacked it away, told him to find a spot to cool his heels.

“I need to talk to G’nal,” I said.

“You always have to talk to G’nal. Can’t you solve any problems without him?”

“It doesn’t work that way. You know that. Bring him to me.”

“Your wish is my command,” Jimmy said and a cloud of black smoke enveloped me.

I heard a thunderous voice and saw this horned creature towering above me.

“I suppose you would like me to vanquish that demon standing on the street corner,” G’nal said.

“Not him, he’s harmless,” I told G’nal. “I want to know how to rid myself a Deguello.”

“You can’t. Only another called upon by its master can.”

“So…you can?”

“Why would I waste my time on such a low-level bottom feeder?”

“I don’t follow?”

“He hunts demons that escape hell. I am a keeper of souls. A Deguello has only one purpose…to destroy.”

“You wouldn’t, so to speak, vanquish a Deguello if it attacked me? All of those souls I recently turned in to you—”

“There are other ways to protect you. Those souls belonged to another…and as you would say, that bill is paid up for a number of years.”

“Looks like I’m stuck. Artie didn’t escape, he was brought to this world without his permission,” I said.

“Let the Deguello take him. That is the answer to your problem.” G’nal vanished in that black cloud of smoke and little Jimmy appeared.

“You going to pay for that paper, you cheap bastard?” He had his left hand out, urging me to flip him some coin.

I noticed I had the local paper under my arms. “You sly little jerk,” I grinned like a jackass. I threw a couple of quarters at him. They scattered on the sidewalk under his tennis shoes.

“I got bills to pay, Chambers. Unlike you, I can’t scam my way through life.”

“Jimmy, Jimmy. Don’t be a hater. Come on!” I barked at Artie. He happily ran to catch up to me as my strides became too quick for him.

Hellspeak DEGUELLO 4

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