Eerie Comics Revisited: Issue 001

The Complete 1st Issue of The Original Eerie Comics

The first version of Avon comics Eerie comics was published in 1947 and included art by legendary Joe Kubert. This comic book set the standard for all future horror anthology comics to be published for decades to come.

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Dead Airwaves Episode 001

  • Trolled Hard by Frank Larnerd / Read by Viktor Aurelius.
  • A Sacci for Sale By Mark Slade / Read by Ronda Mitchell.
  • Theme music by Tim Slade.

In this issue of Eerie

the eyes of the tiger
Eerie_Comics_01_Dead Mans Tale
The Man-Eating Lizards
Eerie Comics Revisited
The Strange Case of Henpecked Harry
Eerie Comics Revisited: Goofy Ghost and Proof