Ecilia Sousa

Ecilia Sousa is a Brazilian Artist and a married mother of two, that lives in Ceará. Through her work, she was invited to participate in a regional course in urban painting and also in a National project (Projeto Agrinho), as a child drawing appraiser. She is currently working with Drawings Comics (HQ) in a drawing studio for auctions. Passionate about this artistic world where she portrays everything around her, she uses references in this universe of drawing her ideas life.

Ecilia Sousa
Monster Girls Cover

Forward to Ecilia Sousa's art book, "Monster Girls"

This book has went through numerous changes in ideas and multiple contributors. At one time it was going to be a series of photograph books. That idea bit the dust quickly. So it morphed into one book.

People say they are into doing a book until money and artistic differences rear they’re ugly heads. Some commit and never deliver thegoods. Some deliver the goods...but it wasn’t what we wanted. Some disappear forever.

As I said, the idea for a “monster girl” photo book came first. That fell by the way side. Second idea was have different artists contribute pieces for the book. That had to be scrapped as few artists liked the idea or other situations prevented that idea from taking shape.

One thing I found out about Ecilia Sousa is she is truthful. Not only is she an artistic force to be reckoned with, but her commitment to a project is unprecedented. Taking on so much in her life; art commissions, taking care of a husband and children, basically living her life as it unfolds, and still can produce 22 magnificent color drawings in a month and a half.She delivered the goods.And some.

I discovered Ecilia scouring Facebook for artists. I don’t remember how I found her or her art page. Could’ve been on Instagram and I contacted her. Just the thought when I saw the pictures was “Wow, she can draw women really well”.

I looked further on her page saw the portraits of real people, commissions of celebrities, and superheroes. Again: “Wow!”I immediately sent Chauncey (publisher of these madcap adventurous publications) her page and we discussed the book at length.

I had the idea of combining pinup art (like what Vargas did) with horror. There’s been a great tradition of Pinup, cheesecake, Good-girl art published throughout the world. Extremely popular in one form or another, began in the late 1800s with Burlesque dancers gave way to Pinup (or nude) photography.

But Pinup art began with Charles Gibson (“The Gibson girl”) during WW 1, and through the 30’s and 40’s with George Petty (“Petty Girls” also Vargas in Esquire, and after a court battle with the post office for taking away their second classmailing privileges, Esquire fired Vargas, and he moved on with Playboy in the 1950’s.

The tradition carried on into the 2000s with the artist Olivia De Beradinis.When I pitched this idea of Horror and pinup, it seemed like Ecilia was the only artist that understood what was being asked of her. Just like Vargas and Gil Evegren before Ecilia, she wields a mean paint brush, and most definitely skilled at drawing alluring, beautiful creatures. Take for instance the Lil’ Miss Devil she illustrated below.

~ Mark Slade

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Monster Girls Cover