Eerie Comics Revisited: The Ghoul Walks

What was it that Detective Dan Noren saw in the dimly-lit hallways and shadows of deserted streets? It constantly followed him, moving with every turn, disappearing with every glance!

Eerie Comics Revisited: The Nightmare

Old Nathan Fox, famed playwright who had retired from the theatre, was awakened one night by a horrible apparition that had pursued him regularly in dreams…

Eerie Comics Revisited: Great Gog’s Grave

The trouble with me is that I am too skeptical; I don’t always believe what I hear. So, naturally, when my girl friend Dora asked me to help her look for Gog’s grave I didn’t stop to argue with her.

Eerie Comics Revisited: Monster of the Sea

Jonathan Potts was a Genealogist! When he was commissioned to look up the Fortescu Family Tree, he could not know what grisly terror was coming…