10 Questions for Larz Lustie


Larz Lustie is the lead guitarist for the wacky rock/mertal band, Green Jello, as well as the man behind and in front of The Lusties.

Larz Lustie

What is your earliest memory of music?

My parents loved all music so i got a good share of stuff like Les Paul and Mary Ford, Roy Clark, classical music. ( And shitty stuff like Rodger Whittaker)
Changing records for older siblings at parties when parents were gone, Nazareth, Peter Frampton, Zeppelin, and their boyfriends who introduced me to Hawkwind, Black Sabbath, and some new band that just came out called Van Halen. The eldest sister was big on The who's "Tommy " and sang in a few musicals. So in all essence music has always been a part of life I was captured by the sound and the look of a wall of amps. Jimi Hendrix and Keith Moon were like gods churning the very earth by their hands
Viewing the cover of Herb Alpert and The Tijuana Brass "whipped cream and other delights" * didn't care what the music was about.

Larz Lustie

What inspired you to become a musician? How did Green Jello form?

Even though I started on drums I kind of sucked at it (i wasn't meant to be the next Keith Moon) I can remember being a little kid, maybe 5 or 6 yrs old pretending to play a tennis racquet and moving my fingers exactly in time with the notes to where people would say I faked it so good that it was weird.
I wanted to have a triple set of Marshall stack amps, I wanted to toss televisions out hotel windows like Keith, break sound levels like Ted Nugent, Blow things up on stage Like Wendy O Willams..... I wanted mayhem

What was the situation or event that inspired the song Three little piggies?

Write something so ridiculous that it couldn't not get attention.
worked god damn good didn't it?

Do you think your environment, where you live, has an effect on the type of music you create?

No, where I live makes no difference because home is a place to rest and to be with family and has nothing to do with road life, some places are better than others for creativity because you have to have a good energy with you. Creativity is something that is within you so it's always there some environments and people drain you while others replenish your being, Nothing stops the Green Jello train but you can't pour from an empty bottle.
Family First is the rule within the band - you can see that by the examples of Bill Manspeaker

What song do you secretly love and not many people would think you would be into?

Those were the days by Mary Hopkins

Is it easier for you to create if given an assignment or does it get in the way of your creativity?

Yeah - I have to have an assignment or deadline, I'm constantly sort of all over the place with ideas and ill go off on them without hesitation.

What long-term goals do you have?

I partied hard, very hard so I REALLY didn't think i would live this long. To me,
every day is an opportunity to end up with a completely checked bucket list.

What is a piece of music are you most proud of?

I'm proud of everything I write, good and bad - everything but if I had to pick one that was personally an honor...
A cover of a Shirelles song that was done as a contribution to the Intrepid Fallen Heroes fund (The Lusty)

What was the strangest commission you took on? Or the oddest thing you’ve ever been asked to create?

Isn't that everything we do in Green Jello?

I have been asked to do a lot of odd shit, normal stuff is already being done

What projects are working on now?

A secret new single/ mosh anthem for Green Jello- can't say any more
Just remember this: Nothing Stops The Train