10 Questions for Kevin Gootee

10 Questions for Kevin Gootee


Kevin Gootee is a show creator/host just trying to get his visions onto TV and online platforms. He already got one on Amazon Video but has several other shows that require a helping hand. Comedy show, fantasy football/gambling, movie podcast, and game show? What else CAN'T he do, besides dunk, ski, or perform open-heart surgery?

Kevin Gootee

What incident, and/or who influenced you to be a comedian?

It's a combination of the "hey, you're funny, you should do comedy" mixed with me realizing that working in corporate America will kill you more slower and painful than pancreatic cancer will.

What was the worst gig you ever had?

Jesus Christ, where do I start? I did standup in a movie theater once and it was before the 10-time Oscar-nominated film, Jack and Jill from Adam Sandler. People were there for Adam Sandler, not for real comedy.

Jack and Jilll

What is it like to work in corporate America and still be creative?

It's a fine balance for sure. My company did some googling and found out I do standup so it's not a secret. I sure as hell didn't volunteer that info. It does give you a pretty solid cache of ammo to add to your act. People speaking in buzzwords and thinking they've created a cure for coronavirus. Ironically, they proved they're mindless drones without original thoughts in their body or they're afraid to give their true opinions to not rock the boat.

Have ever had to protect your ideas from theft (such as greedy producers and joke thieves).

As far as I'm concerned, no one I know has stolen my jokes. Maybe because A) they're not worth stealing which is an indictment on me or B) they're too aligned to me. Probably more A than B. But for my TV shows, I've created an LLC and filed trademarks for my show to block any attempts

Tell everyone about your shows?

Gutting the Sacred Cow is the newest thing I'm working on. We invite guests to pick a film they find overrated or HATE and try to convince myself and Kevin Israel, my co-host, to see their argument. But here's the twist, the film must meet 1 of these criteria: widely beloved, highly successful, or critically acclaimed. So no shitting on Friday the 13th part 8, too easy. It's on all podcast platforms, Spotify, and youtube so you can hear or see our smug, smiling, condescending, faces.

Every day on our website, www.gutttingthesacredcow.com, we have new blog posts with different themes: lists of 10, favorite movie quotes, movie sequels we want to see/didn't ask for, etc. My crown jewel is Comics Watching Comics on Amazon Video and there are 8 seasons up for your viewing pleasure. Think Last Comic Standing meets Mystery Science Theater 3000. It pulls the curtain back on comedy and shows you how comedians view other comedians, diagramming the process, and showing that comedy isn't as easy as, "Hey, quasi-funny guy/girl in the office. You can do this too, go get a Netflix special already!" I also do a fantasy football/NFL betting show called, "Fantasy Football Jibber Jabber." How are we different? We don't talk over each other and fake laugh at non-jokes like all NFL pregame shows. And we merge betting and FF, there aren't any shows that combine the 2...until now.

Gutting the Sacred Cow

You said you have a movie podcast coming out. What types of movies will you be discussing?

We don't pick the movies, the guest does. But some of the films that will make you angry that people have tried to or have successfully "Gutted the Sacred Cow": Godfather 2, Grease, Pulp Fiction, Step Brothers, Fight Club, Independence Day, Face/Off, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and Goonies.

How do you balance being a father and husband with an abundance of creative energy?

A mountain of cocaine that would get Tony Montana's dick harder than a walrus tusk. Put it like this, no one else gives a shit about me except me. The difference between me and a lot of other people is I'm a doer, not a talker. If I don't get it done, the show business fairy doesn't come and grant me 3 wishes because I wished it into existence. So it's a matter of just shutting everything out and getting it done.

What is your technique when it comes to writing your act? Do you actually go through the process of writing like a script or do you ad-lib on stage?

I have to write it down, rehearse it, and iron out all the wrinkles. Sometimes, something spontaneously happens at a show that you can weave into your act like an audience member says something which takes you down a different path you normally wouldn't have thought of.

Kevin Gootee

With the state of the world, do you worry about the comedy you write and perform, or do you say “Fuck ‘em” if they can’t take a joke?

I'm trying to get some TV shows made so I have to balance that out. As sad as it seems and until this horseshit cancel culture passes, this is the world we live in. Although I was given solid advice by someone I forgot their name, if you bookend (put something in between 2 proven jokes), people will forget it if they're immediately laughing after the second joke. But I'm all for the comics who say, "Fuck em, I'm saying what I'm saying and if you don't like it, walk the fuck out." And if I wasn't trying to pitch shows, I'd be in that boat.

Kevin Gootee

What is your biggest ambition and would you ever consider writing satirical articles for Twisted Pulp?

Sure. Can you send Margot Robbie over to my house to fulfill all my sexual fantasies about her? Don't worry, my wife says it's cool.